Banking and FinTech

Banking and FinTech

Thoughts on ecosystems in the context of banking products and services

«Ecosystem» is one of those buzzwords that tend to appear with varying intensity. This time – so our perception – it’s here to stay. Various developments...

Banking and FinTech

How established partnerships create a win-win situation for banks

In the digital world, the challenges are becoming increasingly complex and no one can credibly claim to have an overview of all the possibilities. So why not...

Banking and FinTech

Does your digital banking offer reflect your USP as clearly as possible?

 It is undisputed: In hardly any other industry is the interaction between service providers and customers as strongly influenced by digitalization as in the...

Banking and FinTech

Sustainability – once a buzzword, now key to success

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time and thus also on everyone's lips in the banking and financial industry. However, just talking...

Digital Solutions Banking and FinTech

Make or buy? Banks have more options

The challenge is well understood: Today's bank wants to position itself for the future and meet the expectations of its increasingly digitally savvy customers...

Accessibility Banking and FinTech

Identify customer needs early and personalize advice

In times of decreasing margins and a highly competitive market it is crucial for companies to successfully activate their customer base. Some banks still have...