Banking and FinTech

Banking and FinTech

Developing digital banking solutions quickly and systematically in a partner ecosystem

In today's financial world, customers are demanding new offers ever more quickly. If service providers want to respond swiftly to changing needs, a partner ...

Insurance Banking and FinTech

The Financial Services Ecosystem – The Client Is at the Center, Not in the Way

Financial service providers that wish to retain their customers should adjust to their needs. A particularly suitable strategy is aligning with the customer’s ...

Banking and FinTech

Future of core banking systems - an IFZ study

The study «The Future of Core Banking Systems» approaches a topic of great concern to both executives in the financial industry and providers and operators of ...

Banking and FinTech

Here’s how financial institutions unlock the potential of APIs the safe way

Application programming interfaces are at the heart of the digital world. An enabler for future cooperation models, they also come with certain risks. Luckily, ...

Banking and FinTech

How Software Is Connected to Success in Banking

Software has long become a core element of customer advisory services. If it provides the relationship manager with the right information at the right time, he ...

Banking and FinTech

Build your mobile banking on a strategically flexible foundation

There is no way around engaging your customers with a digital counter, a digital show room, and through conversational banking. But are you stuck because you ...

Banking and FinTech

How do you strike a balance between agility and technical debts?

Agile projects tend not to consider the technological foundation, thus falling short and destroying long-term value. A holistic approach is key.

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Digital Innovation Banking and FinTech

Everyone knows Excel – how about «AdExcel»?

Adnovum presents a solution to the downside of the Microsoft application. «AdExcel» compensates for multiple disadvantages of a classic Excel solution and ...

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Adnovum’s complete «Bootcamp» webinar series now available on our website

In May and June, clients of Adnovum and other interested parties had the opportunity to learn about core IT topics at live webinars. All recordings are now ...

Banking and FinTech

Thoughts on ecosystems in the context of banking products and services

There are different understandings and forms of ecosystems that coexist. Relevant is the one orchestrated and sourced by the customer. To be part of it, ...