Transportation and Logistics

Digitalize your supply chain

Stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction through improved cost-efficiency and increased transparency within your supply chain.

Transportation and Logistics in transition

The challenging international environment and the unstable economic situation have triggered a focus on optimizing and digitalizing logistics processes as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Keep up with future challenges, global trends and technologies and collaborate with an experienced partner. We excel in time to market and will help you to continuously improve yours. We would be happy to offer you a free consultation for your specific processes and business challenges.

«For the mid-sized company we are, it is impossible to have all of the required technology skills. We therefore need a partner to equip us with these skills and the ability to scale these external experts to our needs. This setup enables us to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.»

Marcel Amstutz

CTO, Mobility Cooperative

Solutions that work for you

Paperless order fulfillment

Paperless order fulfillment reduces costs and improves both the productivity of your organization and customer satisfaction.

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Shared real-time information

Real-time tracking of orders facilitates scheduling for all stakeholders. Delays and bottlenecks can be detected and handled quickly.

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Demand and capacity planning

Reduce the risk of delays and enable an optimal use of your assets with a good overview of your order volume, production and transport capacity.
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Cybersecurity assessment

Independent experts ensure an in-depth cybersecurity assessment. The results show identified key areas for action and opportunities for improvement.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) solutions can help your organization gain operational efficiency, turn your datainto value and unlock new business models.

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Solutions that bring value

Today, customers expect easy-to-use secure digital solutions. We help you fulfill or even exceed your customers expectations.