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Drive your business

Teams embracing DevOps principles and capabilities accelerate deliveries, increase stability, and reduce costs.

Benefits of DevOps

Organizations are turning away from big projects with long lead times. Instead, they use small teams working in short cycles and measure feedback from end users to rapidly deliver value to the business. DevOps is the organizations’ response to remain competitive: how to build secure, resilient, rapidly evolving solutions at scale. By adopting the principles of DevOps, they gain significant benefits, such as accelerated deliveries, increased stability, and lower costs.

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Increase throughput

Teams that embrace DevOps principles and capabilities can deliver software quickly and reliably, while driving value directly to the business. Such teams show more frequent code deployments and a strongly reduced lead time for new features.

Improve stability

Teams following a DevOps approach show increased quality of deliveries: They have a lower change failure rate, and a faster time to recover. This means that deliveries break less frequently. If they do, they can be fixed faster.

Ensure continuous improvement

To make meaningful improvements, teams must adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement. We measure the current state, identify constraints, and experiment with improvements to relieve those constraints. Experimentation always involves a mix of successes and failures, but allows teams to take targeted actions as a result of lessons learned.