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Boosting Business Productivity with AI in Software Development: Should You Introduce It?

Ever since the emergence of ChatGPT and other sophisticated forms of generative AI in late 2022, speculations about their impact on the tech sector have been ...

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Categories or Tagging? A Guide through Differences in Taxonomy and IA

What do universities, hospitals, libraries, and websites have in common? They all employ Information Architecture, a way to organize things contextually, to ...

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Optimizing Security for your Organization’s Cloud Migration

The cloud business has seen stratospheric expansion due to the increasing demand for remote labor during the era of the pandemic breakout. IDC (2021) reveals ...

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Optimize Business Process with Intelligent Automation

The need for consistent business process improvement is greater than ever so as to stay competitive. It requires organizations adapting to digital ...

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Striking the balance between innovation and cyber risk management

On September 22 and 23, international IT security professionals will gather at the Global Cyber Conference in Zurich to share panel discussions and ...

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The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Society's Wellbeing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to greatly increase productivity in the workplace and complement human work. When they are ...

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Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Learning from Successful Machine Learning Use Cases

Solutions in AI and Machine Learning (ML) are already established and being successfully applied across industries, especially in finance. In a UBS Evidence...

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Digital Innovation Banking and FinTech

Everyone knows Excel – how about «AdExcel»?

Adnovum presents a solution to the downside of the Microsoft application. «AdExcel» compensates for multiple disadvantages of a classic Excel solution and ...

Applications of AI and Machine Learning
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Generate Positive Business Impacts from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The significant disruption produced by the pandemic outbreak has had a huge impact on how businesses throughout the world run and deliver goods and services to ...

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Conversational AI for insurances

Conversational AI brings many benefits for insurance companies: Thanks to automated live chats as well as chat and voicebots, efforts for employees are ...