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AI in Cloud Security: Revolutionizing Defense Against Cyber Threats

The mass migration to cloud infrastructure, driven by scalability and cost-efficiency, has also introduced a new wave of security challenges for businesses....

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«There are different opinions about AI in software engineering»

The influence of AI is constantly growing – also in software engineering. How exactly does this transform the development process? Beat Fluri, CTO Adnovum, ...

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Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML) Conversational AI

LLM Benchmarking: How to Find the Ideal Large Language Model for Your Needs

Choosing a large language model is no easy task. There are ways, however, to objectively measure the performance of the various available options: benchmarking ...

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How to empower your employees with AI

Much has been said and written about the business case for AI and its boost to staff productivity. But what about the practical implementation of AI and its ...

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How and When to Improve Your Identity and Access Management Strategy with Identity Fabrics

The new normal, digital identities increasingly challenge the security posture of organizations. While traditional identity and access management is an ...

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Will AI Replace Software Engineers? Unveiling the Truth in 2024

AI is disrupting industries globally, including the tech sector. As it promises higher productivity, better quality, and numerous other benefits, will we soon ...

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AI Software Development: Ensuring Data Privacy

AI is seen as a productivity booster in software development that opens up unimagined possibilities. The euphoria is dampened, among other things, by the issue ...

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Boosting Business Productivity with AI in Software Development: Should You Introduce It?

Ever since the emergence of ChatGPT and other sophisticated forms of generative AI in late 2022, speculations about their impact on the tech sector have been ...

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Categories or Tagging? A Guide through Differences in Taxonomy and IA

What do universities, hospitals, libraries, and websites have in common? They all employ Information Architecture, a way to organize things contextually, to ...

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Optimizing Security for your Organization’s Cloud Migration

The cloud business has seen stratospheric expansion due to the increasing demand for remote labor during the era of the pandemic breakout. IDC (2021) reveals ...