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‹‹Through the automatic processing of customer inquiries, the voicebot considerably relieves the employees who can concentrate on more complex customer concerns.››

Sandro Fanti,

Head of Departmental Services and Personnel, Road Traffic Office Canton Aargau

Solutions that work for you

Intelligent Composable Business Solutions

A modular setup enables a business to rearrange and reorient as needed depending on any factor like a shift in customer values or sudden changes

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Application Modernization

Use application modernization and innovative technologies to unlock the business value of your legacy applications and open new revenue streams.

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Application & Cloud Services

Digital solutions created by cross-functional teams of experts focused on enhancing your business agility and on delivering value with high standards.

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Technology agnostic consulting support for your IT investments – we will help you to choose your best option.

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Digital Identity Security

Allow secure and integrated access to business and end-user processes on-premise and in the cloud while complying with legal and security regulations.

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Cyber Resilience

Gain awareness and control of your cyber risks and establish a cyber security culture.

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User Experience

All products have a user experience, let's make it a great one. We strive to make your application a seamless, intuitive experience.

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Solutions that bring value

Today, customers expect easy-to-use secure digital solutions. We help you fulfill or even exceed your customers expectations.