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Secure Cloud Factory

True collaboration

Efficient collaboration thanks to transparency, easy access, and seamless reporting.

Benefits of Secure Cloud Factory

The use of a collaboration environment in the cloud, clearly separated from internal systems, has established itself as the new standard for the development of software solutions. This enables interface-free, efficient collaboration at eye level between internal and external project partners. As a result, processes are simplified, transparency and security are increased, and risks and development costs are reduced.

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Efficient collaboration

Advantages arise from the transparent collaboration of all project partners in a secure collaboration environment and the easy access to all tools needed in a software project (GitHub, Jira, Confluence, etc.). SCF also enables an interface-free exchange of information and seamless reporting without additional effort.

High productivity

The high productivity is a result of faster implementation of new functions and solutions, shorter time-to-market, more frequent deployments thanks to simpler processes, and lower costs.

Secure by Design

SaaS solutions are immune to ransomware attacks because they do not directly access operating systems and hard disks. Additionally, the infrastructure is maintained and updated by the provider directly for many customers. This allows for team sizes that make sense from a safety standpoint. Security gaps can also be closed quickly because the patches are applied directly by the provider.