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Boosting Business Productivity with AI in Software Development: Should You Introduce It?

Ever since the emergence of ChatGPT and other sophisticated forms of generative AI in late 2022, speculations about their impact on the tech sector have been ...

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Optimize Business Process with Intelligent Automation

The need for consistent business process improvement is greater than ever so as to stay competitive. It requires organizations adapting to digital ...

Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Society's Wellbeing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to greatly increase productivity in the workplace and complement human work. When they are ...

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Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Learning from Successful Machine Learning Use Cases

Solutions in AI and Machine Learning (ML) are already established and being successfully applied across industries, especially in finance. In a UBS Evidence...

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Generate Positive Business Impacts from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The significant disruption produced by the pandemic outbreak has had a huge impact on how businesses throughout the world run and deliver goods and services to ...

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Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Leveraging Big Data, AI and Machine Learning for Critical Business Insights

Adopting effective IT solutions to stay competitive in today’s digitalized world is important, big data analytics lies at the heart of any organizations’...

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IT resilience requires more than the principle of hope

When a company digitalizes its processes, it should at the same time strengthen the resilience of its IT. While disruptions of services are annoying for ...

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Why ML requires a special approach to cybersecurity

A digitalization booster, Machine Learning also comes with certain risks. We present three types of common attacks and explain why traditional security ...

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Attain Business Advantages with Machine Learning

In the digitalized world, machine learning is one of the most impressive domains of technology development and has been utilized in various business sectors. ...

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Machine Learning (ML)

Advantages of Leveraging On Federated Authentication

Streamlining access protocols, improving user experience and more