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Banking and FinTech

Engineer the next generation of banking

Accelerate and enrich your journey with best-in-class software, creating benefits out of the ever-increasing possibilities in digital finance.
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«The RM Cockpit is a state-of-the-art tool. I am convinced that Adnovum's solution will substantially support our customer advisors in serving our customers even better.»

Gernot Schuh

Head of Front IT Services, VP Bank AG


Future of core banking systems

The study was created in cooperation with the IFZ, Adnovum and other partners. For this purpose, a survey of banks, interviews with representatives from banks, FinTechs, system providers, IT operators and consultants as well as a workshop with thirty experts were carried out. Study only available in German.

Webinar: 20 years of digital transformation in banking

All financial institutions have already invested heavily in digital transformations. However, the economic results are often below expectations. Why is that? Video available only in German.

Solutions that work for you

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Create value through effective customer time

Build «your» cockpit exactly the way you want it, empowering yourself with a perfect overview and access to the right information.

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Effective product pricing

In the banking industry, both revenue and profit margins are constantly decreasing. PricePro Run helps you bring margins to targeted levels.

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Bring the mortgage renewal into the customers’ home

Partial redemption, configuration of product and period with immediate visualization on financial impact, saving and editing functions.

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Effectively manage ESG data

Create real added value for your customers and stand out in the market by combining available ESG data with your internal assessment.

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Create up-/cross-selling opportunities

A consistent process assessing and segmenting your customers will significantly increase the likelihood of successful deals.

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Like a chat tool – just secure

The app provides a secure point-to-point connection without compromising on the usability compared with an ordinary chat tool.

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«AdExcel» combines the operational and cost benefits of an Excel solution with the security and compliance of proprietary software.

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Electronic Signature

Passwordless experience for legally binding electronic signatures. Sovereign solution that runs on-premises at your company.

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Solutions that bring value

Today, customers expect easy-to-use secure digital solutions. We help you fulfill or even exceed your customers expectations.