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The latest at Adnovum

Consulting Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Why Integrated Asset Management in IT Governance is Key to Compliance Visibility

The IT asset management software market is projected to grow by a significant USD 456.14 million (CAGR 7.58%) between 2023 and 20281. The market's growth rate...

Media Release

Solid Result in 2023 – Adnovum Invests in Sustainable Growth

Zurich, 15 May 2024 – The Swiss software company Adnovum looks back on a solid business year. The corporate group achieved revenue of over CHF 110 million in ...

cybersecurity multi-factor authentication
Consulting Cybersecurity Cloud Security

Zero Trust Security: Secure Cloud Data & Boost Efficiency

The digital landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with cloud technology at its core, catalyzing innovation, agility and scalability for businesses...

Machine Learning (ML) Conversational AI

AI in Software Development: A Copilot, Not a Competitor

Highly qualified software developers are as hard to find as ever. With the support of AI, we can gradually ease this shortage. How this is already accomplished ...

A Business Professionals Working Together Around a Table
Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

How to Navigate Evolving Regulations: Optimizing IT Operations and Compliance in Singapore

Singapore's business landscape thrives on a constantly evolving regulatory framework. From data privacy to financial reporting, industry bodies diligently...


Accessibility – a «nice to have» becomes a «must have» for digital offerings 

In 2023, numerous people are still excluded from the digital world. The annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day and a new European directive aim to change ...


Confidently Navigating Business Complexities

In today’s challenging business environment, linear problem-solving won’t do the trick. But «both/and leadership» might. Learn about the concept and how ...

A Person Ticking Off a Checklist
Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

The Importance of Centralised Visibility for Compliance Activities

Singapore's business landscape thrives on innovation, but navigating its intricate web of regulations can be a constant headache. Missed deadlines, overlooked...

Cybersecurity Singpass

Singpass Login and SSO: How it Enhances Digital Businesses

Whether you’re operating an e-commerce enterprise or offering healthcare services, enhancing efficiency, security, and user experience have become very...