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Adnovum Informatik AG becomes Adnovum AG

Zurich, June 6, 2023: The Swiss software company Adnovum Informatik AG has been renamed Adnovum AG to reflect increasing internationalization. The name change ...


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: In the Trough of Disillusionment

Great expectations were attached to DLT, which, however, were disappointed in many cases. The history of the blockchain hype is a lesson in how even the most ...


Enjoying the job opportunities to the max

Daniel Müller has not only witnessed, but also shaped Adnovum history. As a company veteran who quickly outgrew his technical background, he was a major factor ...

Cybersecurity FADP

New Data Protection Law – Legal Aspects Companies Definitely Need to Consider

On September 1st, 2023 the new Swiss data protection law will come into effect. It is therefore high time for companies to address the specific changes. Four ...

a woman is using a phone for online transaction

Secure and Seamless Digital Experience with Singpass Integration

Businesses today operate in an environment where customer journeys can be fostered with the use of digital technologies, providing customers with a fast,...

Banking and FinTech

Future of core banking systems - an IFZ study

The study «The Future of Core Banking Systems» approaches a topic of great concern to both executives in the financial industry and providers and operators of ...


Accessibility – a «nice to have» becomes a «must have» for digital offerings 

In 2023, numerous people are still excluded from the digital world. The annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day and a new European directive aim to change ...

Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Digital Identities (IAM)

Digital identity: The Complete Guide to Digital Identification

We live in an information-rich and interconnected world where our ability to maintain full control over our private information is limited. Surveys show that a...

People Women move IT

Yael, where agile inspiration and a cosmopolitan mindset meet

Yael works as Senior Project Manager for the Market Unit «Banking», she is a Career Coach and a co-lead of the Agile Guild at Adnovum. Apart from that, she’s a ...