Singpass and Corppass Integration

MNC-scale integration, SME-focused practicality

Leveraging a suite of Singpass APIs to supercharge your business model, we can integrate Singpass with the most legacy infrastructure, in Singapore and worldwide.

Benefits of Singpass integration for your digital business

The Singpass application facilitates over 4.2 million users accessing more than 1,700 government and private sector services online and in person. With such a huge user base, organizations in today's digital world are increasingly leveraging Singpass integration to improve their customer experience and business growth while strengthening security, particularly for transactions involving sensitive data.
  • Integrate Singpass APIs (Myinfo/ Myinfo business, Verify, Login, Sign, Identiface) with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Utilize OIDC authentication protocol in Singpass integration
  • Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for multiple applications integrated within the same ecosystem
  • Set up applications to re-trigger Singpass authentication with 2FA for selected 'sensitive' transactions
  • Minimise integration efforts required to leverage Singpass authentication and authorisation services in e-services
  • Enable out-of-the-box implementation capabilities for Singpass integration
  • Future-proof e-services by configuring them to adapt future Singpass enhancements
Explore Secpass - Integrating Singpass in a more efficient way

Introducing Adnovum's Secpass Solution

A cost-saving and one-stop integration solution of Singpass developed by Adnovum, which can be scalable to your business.


Potential Use Cases of Secpass by Sectors

eCommerce and Technology

  • Login
  • Staff/ Customer/ Membership Portal

Financial Services

  • eBanking Login
  • Apply for new service/ product


  • Internal/ external users portal, appeals, claims
  • Apply for new service/ grant, etc.


  • Staff portal
  • Pharmacy e-commerce


Apply for new services/ product, claims, eStatements



NDI OIDC - Singpass Integration


Now that NDI is here to stay, OpenID Connect (OIDC) has supplanted SAML as the go-to authentication method. Improved security, a more pleasant user experience, and other benefits are just a few of the ways in which Singpass OIDC adds value to businesses beyond its already high standing as an authentication protocol of choice. 



Download Architecture Setup 

FAQs of Singpass Integration

Why should I consider Secpass integration?

Our Secpass solution can improve your Singpass authentication access, due to:
  • Light weight component between IdP (SPCP) and Applications
  • Single and common Touch Point between multiple Applications and IdP
  • Build using Java technology and open source
  • Easy to deploy, configure and maintain
  • Adopts the latest open standard, OIDC for authentication
  • Supports RSA & EC public & private keys
  • Supports Login and QR code flow
  • Supports industry standard key formats - PEM, X509 CRT & JWK
  • Compliant with SPCP NDI Specification
  • Build on REST based API, Deployable in SOA / Microservices / Monolithic environments
  • Support JSON logging for authentication events
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Docker based environments

How can Singpass integration improve my businesses?

Since its first introduction in March 2003, Singpass has been updated with various features, recently such as Digital IC, Face Verification and digital signing. Thanks to these Singpass features and services, you can improve your business outcomes as Singpass integration can help you in:
  • Streamlined customer acquisition process with easier user access to more services.
  • Better data security as Singpass supports various protecting technologies like two-factor authentication and cryptographic technology.
  • Reduced paperwork and application time with Myinfo/Myinfo Business integration.
  • Enhanced customer experience for Singpass’ timely updates from government services and smoother and safer service provision.
  • Better operational efficiency with Singpass APIs and Myinfo/ Myinfo Business which optimize your data management tasks.

What are the government services which typically use Singpass to access?

With a single tap on Singpass login app, your users and employees can access to following commonly-used government digital services:
  • Central Provident Fund Board (CPF)
  • Housing & Development Board (HDB)
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • NS Portal
  • Accounting and corporate Registration
  • Authority of Singapore (ACRA)
  • Business Licensing system
  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

What should businesses consider when integrating with the suite of Singpass APIs?

You can deliver streamlined user experience and enhance data security in your applications thanks to the enablement of following technologies in Singpass:
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Myinfo/ Myinfo Business
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC)

What Singpass features and sevices should be covered in my integration?

Singpass simplifies your online transactions while secures sensitive information, like as filing taxes and seeing CPF statements. You can further improve your user experience with following suit of services provided by Singpass: Digital IC in the Singpass app, Myinfo, Myinfo Business, Login, Verify, Face Verification, Sign and Notify.

What is single sign-on? How does it work?

SSO (single sign-on) is an authentication solution that allows users to safely log in to numerous apps and websites with only one set of credentials.
SSO is built on the establishment of a trust relationship between a service provider (SP) and an identity provider (IdP). This trust relationship is frequently formed by the exchange of a certificate between IdP and the SP. This certificate can be used to certify identity information transmitted from the IdP to the SP, ensuring that the SP is receiving it from a reliable source. This identity information is stored in the form of tokens in SSO, which contain identification data about the user, such as an email address or a username.

Why does my organization need to migrate onto the OIDC protocol for Singpass integration?

OIDC is an open authentication protocol that adds an identity layer to OAuth 2.0. According to GovTech's new initiative, all public-facing government systems have to migrate to the Singpass OIDC protocol from SAML for OIDC is simpler to integrate than SAML and it supports a greater range of apps, consisting of the following features:

  • Simple-to-use identity tokens: An ID token received by client apps is simple and portable with a variety of signature and encryption algorithms you can choose from.
  • The OAuth 2.0 protocol: To receive ID tokens, clients employ OAuth 2.0 processes, which operate with both web and native mobile apps. OAuth 2.0 also implies that you may use a single authentication and authorization protocol in obtaining access tokens.
  • Simplicity with sufficient features: OIDC is easy enough to integrate with basic programs while simultaneously providing capabilities and security choices to suit even the most stringent business needs.

What is the ideal strategy to meet the OIDC migration timeline?

All public-facing government systems will be required to transit to the Singpass OIDC protocol within a short period of time. If each project within the same agency seeks its government-compliant OIDC solution separately, time and efforts are wasted on comparing approaches repetitively and deploying them independently. This strategy is expensive and may not reach the migration deadline.

Having an agency-wide OIDC solution, rather than sourcing a government-compliant solution at the project level, reduces the time necessary to move to the Singpass OIDC protocol.

Adnovum can help you integrate each application with Singpass OIDC in as fast as two weeks. Our solutions can be implemented to gradually transit your applications to Singpass OIDC which will create economies of scale and saves your time and money.

How Myinfo and Myinfo Business Integration can enhance my organization’s digital services?

Myinfo/ Myinfo Business helps Singpass users to maintain their identities and pre-fill forms in digital service transactions. It contains data from collaborating government agencies that has been verified by the government, as well as data you supplied to create your Business Profile. Thanks to Myinfo/ Myinfo Business, instead of submitting personal data to the government repeatedly for each online transaction, users will only have to do so once and your business can enjoy following values:

  • Reduce time of customers to fill out their personal information for different online purchases with partner digital services;
  • Reduce the likelihood of human error-related errors;
  • No longer require tangible papers as verifications to complete transactions.