Conversational AI

Improve customer satisfaction with smart automation

Reduce the workload of your call center up to 40% and improve the service for your customers.

Benefits of Conversational AI

Today, customers expect information at any time – and as quickly as possible. Having to wait and not having service outside office hours are two of the main reasons why customers are dissatisfied with call centers. The solution to this problem is the voicebot. The voicebot improves customer satisfaction, while personal interaction continues to be possible.

Automatically answer standard questions

Up to 70% of questions in call centers are standard questions. The voicebot can understand and answer all these questions.

Improved customer satisfaction with 24-hour availability

Customers can get answers to their questions any time during the day. They still can speak to a real person at any time during opening hours if they wish to do so.

Getting closer to your customers by understanding local dialects

The voicebot «understands» Swiss German, German, Italian, French, English, and more. If, for once, the voicebot does not understand a question, the customer is automatically connected with a real person.