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Digital identity: The Complete Guide to Digital Identification

We live in an information-rich and interconnected world where our ability to maintain full control over our private information is limited. Surveys show that a...

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How Vulnerability Management Helps Organizations with Data Compliance

Any company concerned with cybercrime, legal difficulty, and reputational harm would do well to seek out security solutions that improve cybersecurity and...

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Boost Your Business’ Operational Efficiency with Singpass Integration

Singpass is a national digital identity system that is used by Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to transact with the government and businesses...

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Singpass Integration: A Step Towards Digital Transformation for your Business

In recent years, Singapore has made significant efforts to promote digitalization among businesses. As announced by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) chief...

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How can Singpass enhance organisations' customer journey?

The Singpass application has been widely used by 97% of Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 and above. This has translated into more than 350...

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An Effective Cloud IAM Strategy for your Digital Business

Cloud IAM solutions play a crucial role in a firm's digital success. The effectiveness of cloud IAM initiatives and the value they bring depend on the strategy ...

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Four Ways Docker Boosts Enterprise Software Development

Containers are becoming the norm in software development. No wonder, they provide major benefits. Welcome to a deep dive.

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Key Elements for your Cloud Migration Strategy

Competing in today's digital environment and meeting high customer requirements demand organizations to digitalize their current process to improve their...

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Leverage Singpass integration to drive customer satisfaction for your digital services

The National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative Singpass, has allowed citizens to securely and easily transact online with both the public and private sectors. ...

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Key Factors to Consider before Singpass Integration

Singapore’s national digital identity, Singpass, was collaboratively developed by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), the Monetary ...