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Key Elements for your Cloud Migration Strategy

Why is it Crucial to have a Comprehensive Cloud Strategy Before Migration? During cloud migration, an organization transfers its resources and workloads to a...

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Leverage Singpass integration to drive customer satisfaction for your digital services

To date, Singpass serves as a convenient yet secure platform for users to transact with both government agencies and private sector organizations. More than...

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Key Factors to Consider before Singpass Integration

Built on the principles, safe and secure data, trusted ecosystem of partners and inclusive design for all residents, it’s only natural that Singpass has been...

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Integrate Singpass to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Organizations that have leveraged Singpass integration are not just providing existing Singpass application users with enhanced customer experiences, but can...

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Security and key elements in a good Software Solution

Good User Experience Often, the success and usability of a software solution is determined by the user experience (UX) rather than the features offered. User...

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Swiss companies show an increasing interest in Machine Learning

What is the current stance of Swiss companies on machine learning (ML)? Ireneu Pla: Swiss companies are expressing a growing interest in machine learning, but...

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Tailor-made software or how to shape the digital twin of your USP

How much of your IT budget is currently spent on maintaining legacy? How many of your staff are kept busy dealing with monolithic business solutions, i.e....

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5 Ways Singpass Can Boost Your Customer Experience

1. Low / zero learning curve for users to adopt Singpass All Singpass users are automatically provisioned with a Myinfo profile. Myinfo enables citizens and...

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Make or buy? Banks have more options

The challenge is well understood: Today's bank wants to position itself for the future and meet the expectations of its increasingly digitally savvy customers...