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Adnovum Incubator

Unlocking the potential of emerging technologies

Empower the business potential of digital trends and lead your organization to pioneering innovation

Benefits of Adnovum Incubator

«Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.» – T. Levitt
Adnovum Incubator is the innovation lab of Adnovum. As a trusted partner, we help companies unlock their digital potential. We identify matches between clients’ needs and emerging technologies and validate innovative use cases in close collaboration with market players. This results in new customer experiences, competitive solutions and sustainable business models which lead our clients to pioneering innovation.

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Understand the essence of emerging technologies

It is key to understand the potential, the limits, and the essence of an emerging technology like blockchain, speech recognition or Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). We achieve this with in-depth analyses and on hands-on implementations in our lab. Take advantage of our insights in the form of prototypes, key notes, or discovery workshops.

Validate use cases and gain valuable insights

There is no better way to evaluate the added value of an emerging technology for your business than a use case implementation. Jointly we realize a proof of concept or pilot in an uncomplicated way. This is how you quickly gain insights not only into the technology itself but also into critical areas like governance, business model and user acceptance.

Unlock the potential of bright ideas

Real innovation arises when an acute need meets an emerging technology. To identify these «magic matches» we combine the best skills of both sides: your business expertise and our technical competency. Whatever collaboration model, we jointly tailor the solution to your need sand create a new service, product or even a joint venture.

Unlocking the potential of emerging technologies