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Work for Adnovum in Hungary

Do you have the potential and ambition to innovate and maintain software? Do you enjoy trying something new, testing your limits or even expanding them? Adnovum offers you the possibility to learn from top-notch software and security experts and to develop your professional skills.

working colleague shows sticky-notes on whiteboard while several colleagues sit around a table with laptops in front of them

Talent Pool

Haven't found a job that fits your interests and experience? Upload your documents here to be added to Adnovum's talent pool. We will contact you as soon as we have a vacancy that fits your profile.

Selection process at Adnovum

From the application to the offer

application process

Apply through our website: All you need to do is to upload your CV and contact information.

CV screening: Your profile will be checked for matching skills and background.

Phone screen call: A recruiter gets in touch with you about our opportunities and where they can fit your expectations.

Technical deep dive: Show us where your expertise lies.

Final interview round: The goal is to complete the picture about you and see how we could work together in a team.

Offer after successful interviews: Our recruiters will walk you through every detail of what we offer.

Join Adnovum: We are prepared to grant you the support and mentoring to make the onboarding smooth.

We will keep the discussion open and expect your questions and feedback throughout the process. We provide detailed feedback about your performance at your request during any of the interviews.

Events at Adnovum Hungary

At Adnovum, people are the heart of our company. To show our appreciation for all the efforts made over the years, we like to organize events for all employees to come together and have a good time as «OneAdnovum». The aim of the informal gatherings is to enjoy some good vibes with our co-workers, connect, laugh and get to know each other. Have a look at the video and see how our team at Adnovum Hungary enjoyed the most spectacular views over Budapest while cruising on a boat trip at this year's summer event.

Another great event at Adnovum Hungary

Woman smiling holding a smartphone

«Working at Adnovum is enabling me to bring out the best of my job and myself, by allowing me to have time to focus on quality and process improvements. With the flexibility Adnovum has, I can also balance my volunteering activities with my work. »

Let's connect!

Judit Kaszab


porträtbild von brigitta juhasz, Professional Software Engineer (former software tester)

«You need persistence, time and willingness to learn and become a developer, but with such a great team everything is much easier.»

Brigitta Juhász

Professional Software Engineer (former software tester)

porträtbild von Balázs Tamás Nagy,Senior Software Engineer

«When I had a question and asked my team members, they put aside their tasks to help me. Not only some of them, everyone.»

Balázs Tamás Nagy

Senior Software Engineer

Our office

The big kitchen

The big kitchen

Join us for lunch or a coffee, or the daily fruit break at 3 pm

The break-out area

The break-out area

Play with Xbox or csocsó, read a book or enjoy a chat

Meeting room

Meeting room

Meet us in person or online

Get in touch with our recruitment team

If you have any questions about the career opportunities at Adnovum, please contact us.