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Continuous Testing

Ensuring your business success

Continuous testing is key to sustainably deliver changes in high quality to clients and reduce overall costs of software solutions.

Benefits of Continuous Testing

We want to get changes of all types, including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments, into production or into the hands of users – safely, quickly, and in a sustainable way. In an agile project environment, manual testing execution does not scale with the expected fast value delivery and quality. Continuous testing is crucial to constantly deliver value to our clients fast and in the expected quality.

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Benefit from long-lasting products thanks to quality

We believe in creating long lasting products. Establishing quality as a core design philosophy is the way to go. Quality assurance, including test automation, is part of every project from the beginning, resulting in projects that we maintain with confidence.

Save costs thanks to automation

To create the best digital experience, both automation and manual testing is necessary. Human time is precious, so we make the most of our automation frameworks to eliminate repetitive tasks. Our manual testers thus have time to focus on more meaningful testing activities like exploratory testing, usability testing, and acceptance testing.

Benefit from fast feedback loops

We understand the need for products to be open for change so that new features can be developed and delivered quickly. We rely on continuous integration, testing early and often to avoid the risk of unforeseen consequences. Rapid feedback loops empower our teams to deliver new business functionality in the expected quality.