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Work for Adnovum in Vietnam

Do you have the potential and ambition to innovate and maintain software? Do you enjoy trying something new, testing your limits or even expanding them? Adnovum offers you the possibility to learn from top-notch software and security experts and to develop your professional skills.

working colleague shows sticky-notes on whiteboard while several colleagues sit around a table with laptops in front of them

Talent Pool

Haven't found a job that fits your interests and experience? Upload your documents here to be added to Adnovum's talent pool. We will contact you as soon as we have a vacancy that fits your profile.

The application process

A typical application process can look like this and will be adapted as needed:

application process

Phone screen: Check preliminary questions

Cultural / Personal fit interview: We want to get to know you, what are you looking for in your future employer? What are you looking for in your next career step? Can we offer that? Both parties need to find out whether there is a match or not.

Technical interview: Assessment of your technical skills and seniority assessment → Do you bring the technical / professional skill set we are looking for? What seniority level are you at?

Depending on the role you are applying for, it's either the cultural / personal fit interview or the technical interview that comes first.

We always try to be as fast as possible. Usually, a recruitment process takes 2-3 weeks. We will continuously keep you up to date and inform you about the next steps.

Female working colleagues at Adnovum Vietnam holding up certification

«The mentoring program of Adnovum gives us the chance to get really good at what we do while shaping our career and specialization.»

Let's connect!

Băng Kim Tăng

Recruitment Business Partner


«Adnovum provides me an open environment to share both positive and constructive feedbacks. To me, Adnovum is a unique company to turn the direct feedback culture into reality, where every single opinion is valuable and honestly shared.»

Vi Bui

People Team


«At Adnovum, we understand our values of One Adnovum, Engineered Results, Trust and Passion. We build our own culture and develop together.»

Ly Tri Tam

Engineering Team


«Adnovum offers a practical environment from internship to professional development in roll-out projects. Thanks to Adnovum, I started in my software engineering career with flying colors.»

Khuong Lu

Engineering Team


«Each colleague in Adnovum is an expert who is open to share and teach you what they know. The atmosphere in Adnovum allows you to generate new ideas everyday and improve yourself.»

Daniil Ageev

Engineering Team

Our office



You can take a nap after lunch or simply sit down to relax and have a fun conversation with each other in the office.

Meeting room

Meeting room

We have two types of working spaces in our office: open spaces for collaboration and smaller, closed spaces for team meetings.



Here you can grab a tea, a coffee, or snacks in your break time.

Get in touch with our recruitment team

If you have any questions about the career opportunities at Adnovum, please contact us.

Băng Kim Tăng

Băng Kim Tăng

Recruitment Business Partner

+84 28 3816 8200

+84 28 3816 8200

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