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Ideation Lab

Turn ideas into a working prototype in 3 days

We help you make your ideas come true by co-creating an innovative, tangible, and testable prototype as a shared experience.

Benefits of Ideation Labs

No matter whether you have just started your venture or whether you already are an established business, gaining clarity of your concepts, deepening customer insights, and shaping your ideas through prototyping adds significant value by providing a tangible solution that can be validated against client expectations and needs.

With our hands-on experience in over 60 successful projects across multiple industries over the last 10 years, we can offer leading edge solutions uniting excellent design, business viability, and latest technology usage.

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Create clarity through customer-centric design methods

Reducing complexity and translating business ideas into tangible solutions is at the core of prototype design. Creating a shared understanding of concealed challenges and client needs that often materialize too late is a crucial factor in the early stages of successful service or product development. Early validation by means of a working prototype can save months of scarce and expensive project time.

Leverage the potential of a software powerhouse

We can complement your team with our experienced specialist covering a diverse set of disciplines, such as machine learning, accessibility, identity management, and security. Results from Idea Prototyping can be taken a step further to an MVP or scaled up to a full-fledged project. At any stage and level, we can support you over the full life cycle.

Enhance business success through high user acceptance

Your users will decide whether your product will be a success or a failure. Following our proven approach by focusing on what matters most throughout the product development life cycle will ensure a great user experience. Overall client satisfaction is ensured through the combination of ease of use and optimal productivity of the products and services.