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Do you have the ambition to innovate and maintain software? Do you enjoy trying something new, testing your limits or even expanding them? Adnovum offers you the possibility to learn from top-notch software and security experts and to develop your professional skills.

Sharp minds wanted

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Do you already have professional experience and are now looking for a new challenge? We are always on the lookout for smart people to work with us on innovative projects! Have a look at our job openings or register for our Talent Pool if you do not see any openings that suit your profile. At Adnovum, we shape the future of our clients' digital business. Let's grow and succeed together!

Career Starters

We empower students of Swiss universities by giving them the opportunity to put into practice what they learn in their studies, on the job and in real projects. Career Starters work directly on client’s projects as a full team member, learning from more experienced people, mistakes, and feedbacks. It’s a «learning by doing» approach with the option to stay with Adnovum after your graduation. Of course, there is a personal mentor guiding you for the first few months who shows you how working at Adnovum «works» (e.g. what to find where, who is responsible for what). Your mentor will later become your Career Coach during your Adnovum journey.


The training of apprentices is very important to Adnovum. We offer apprenticeships for the following professions: Informatiker/in EFZ ApplikationsentwicklungInformatiker/in EFZ Plattformentwicklung and Interactive Media Designer EFZ. We have already successfully filled all apprenticeship positions for 2023. As soon as we start recruiting for 2024, detailed information on the application process will be posted here.

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Trial Apprenticeships

Adnovum offers 12 trial apprenticeships per year for the profession «Informatiker/in EFZ Applikationsentwicklung». The trial apprenticeships take place between February and June. As soon as the exact dates are known, detailed information about the application process will be posted here.

For questions reach out to

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Talent Pool

You can’t find a job that fits your interests and experience? Upload your application file here to be added to our Talent Pool. We will get in touch as soon as we have an open position that matches your profile.

The application process

This is what you can expect when applying for a position at Adnovum:

application process

Phone screen: We call you and check if there are any preliminary questions.

Cultural/Personal fit interview: We want to get to know you, what are you looking for in your future employer? What should your next career step consist of? Can we offer that? Both parties need to find out whether there is a match or not.

Technical interview: We assess your technical skills and seniority level. Do you bring the technical and professional skill set we are looking for? What is your seniority level?

Depending on the position you are applying for, the interviews will be swapped around.

We always try to be as fast as possible. Usually, a recruitment process takes 2–3 weeks. We continuously keep you updated and inform you about the next steps.

Portrait of Vanessa Aicher, Recruitment Business Partner

«I appreciate the flat hierarchies that allow us to live a culture of open doors with a trustful atmosphere, where we grow and succeed together as a team.»

Let's connect!

Vanessa Aicher

Recruitment Business Partner

Portrait of Janina Heinrich, Recruitment Business Partner

«When I started at Adnovum, I was impressed by how openly ideas and feedback are discussed. I appreciate that I can get involved and that my input is valued.»

Let's connect!

Janina Heinrich

Recruitment Business Partner

Portrait of Anna Götz, Requirements Engineer

«Collaboration across Adnovum locations works perfectly fine, and I enjoy tackling challenges as part of a team.»

Anna Götz

Requirements Engineer

Portrait of Carsten Els, Key Account Manager

«I appreciate our customer relationships that are based on trust and the variety – I rarely know in the morning what to expect during the day.»

Carsten Els

Key Account Manager

Portrait of Daniel Müller,Expert Software Engineer

«Thanks to varying projects, I continuously gain hands-on experience with new technologies – this is how my job has remained attractive and varied for 18 years.»

Daniel Müller

Expert Software Engineer

«Self-initiative is very highly valued at Adnovum. Those who actively contribute can make an impact.»

Vanessa Singer

Recruitment Business Partner

Portrait of Acacio Martins, Senior Software Engineer

«I have worked at every location and helped build up the team in Lisbon.»

Acacio Martins

Senior Software Engineer

Our office spaces - a glimpse into the world of Smart Work

The office sharing concept of Adnovum’s headquarters meets the diverse needs of every one of us: clients, partners as well as our employees. The spaces are smart and highly customizable, their functionalities adapt to our activities, just as we adapt to our goals.

image of adnovum office reception desk

Different spaces for all needs

With Smart Work, we choose the space to work that best suits our task at hand.

  • Home Base: this is where a unit is «at home» and where we meet our team
  • Work Space: consists of Open Work Spaces, Privacy Offices and Breakout Rooms. We use the Work Spaces for daily activities, the Privacy Offices for special tasks that require a closed door and the Breakout Rooms for spontaneous exchanges with our colleagues
  • Collaboration Spaces: this is where we ideate a solution with our team, hold a workshop or co-create with a client
  • Host Spaces: made for internal or external events
  • Socializing Spaces: this is where we network and enjoy an informal chat in our break

We embrace diversity and new work

Get in touch with our recruitment team

Let’s meet at one of our upcoming events! It’s so much easier and way more fun to get to know each other in person.

Vanessa Aicher

Vanessa Aicher

Recruitment Business Partner

+41 44 272 61 11

+41 44 272 61 11

Janina Heinrich

Janina Heinrich

Recruitment Business Partner

+41 44 272 61 11

+41 44 272 61 11

Albert Hundertmark

Albert Hundertmark

Recruitment Business Partner

+41 44 272 61 11

+41 44 272 61 11

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