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Composable Business Solutions

Innovate and adapt fast to changing business needs

A modular setup enables a business to rearrange and reorient as needed depending on any factor like a shift in customer values or sudden changes.

Benefits of Composable Business Solutions

Composable business means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks. From a technical perspective, this type of composability is not new. It exists in familiar technology, from micro-service architectures, APIs to containers. But it is a new, or perhaps ignored, idea for the business. Composable business requires a fundamental change in the mindset of business thinking, architecture, and technology. At Adnovum we combine these areas in an intuitive and yet secure way.

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Increase agility and resilience

Organizations will be faster, more agile and more resilient to not only survive, but flourish in times of great disruption. While you can’t predict every major shift, innovation, or crisis that will impact your organization, you can (almost) future-proof your business with a composable approach.

Master disruption and gain speed

Because composable business solutions can be curated, assembled, and reassembled as needed, you can adapt your technology practically at the pace of business change. You can also experiment with different services, shed things that aren’t working, and plug in new options without disrupting your entire ecosystem.

Start small – grow fast

The shift to composability means evolving from an inflexible, monolithic architecture to a modular application portfolio. The portfolio is made up of packaged business capabilities, which form the foundation of composable technology. The beauty of an API-led approach is that you can slowly but surely transform your technology, piece by piece.