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Digitize your USP

Sustain – Build – Buy: We develop your unique digital future through convenient and secure software solutions.

Unique Digital Solutions

Adnovum specializes in the implementation of demanding IT projects. Our solutions meet the highest of quality requirements. We specialize in the design, implementation and maintenance of software and security solutions that comply with business and technical requirements.

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«For the mid-sized company we are, it is impossible to have all of the required technology skills. We therefore need a partner to equip us with these skills and the ability to scale these external experts to our needs. This setup enables us to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.»

Marcel Amstutz

CTO, Mobility Cooperative

Industry-focused Solutions

For many years, Adnovum has been focusing on its key industries. In doing so, we have gained valuable insights on industry-specific business challenges and current industry trends. This gives you the competitive edge you need in today’s market environment.

Digital solutions that work for you


Composable Business Solutions

A modular setup enables a business to rearrange and reorient as needed depending on any factor like a shift in customer values or sudden changes

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

ALM is a clear roadmap for your application and helps teams collaborate effectively. Better decision making, faster development and deployment, higher quality.

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Application Modernization

Use application modernization and innovative technologies to unlock the business value of your legacy applications and open new revenue streams.

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Solutions that bring value

Today, customers expect easy-to-use secure digital solutions. We help you fulfill or even exceed your customers expectations.