Accessibility – a «nice to have» becomes a «must have» for digital offerings 

In 2023, numerous people are still excluded from the digital world. The annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day and a new European directive aim to change ...

visually impaired man using mobile phone

Views on disability

Disability has many faces. Therefore, accessibility is not only a «must-have» for people with disabilities. Also companies benefit from a larger customer base, ...

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Accessibility in numbers

Implementing accessibility is often considered expensive and unnecessary. Facts and figures show that the opposite is true and how companies miss out on a ...

hand holding a pen and drawing mobile phone app layout designs

Accessibility and Innovation

Even today, people with disabilities often encounter digital barriers. Assistive technologies help to reduce these barriers and even promote innovation, as our ...

Man in wheelchair at bottom of stairs

7 Theoretical Models of Disability

Although approaches to understanding disability vary depending on context and situation, one key fact is clear: the earlier accessibility is taken into account ...

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Accessibility Banking and FinTech

Identify customer needs early and personalize advice

If a company wants to present the right offer to their customers at the most opportune time, a digital solution is key today. A systematic approach provides ...

Man touching Braille keyboard with index finger of left hand while typing on standard keyboard with right hand

Accessibility starts before day 1

Digital accessibility is primarily determined by the code and thus by the front-end developer of a piece of software. He must build up his knowledge early on ...

Consulting Accessibility

Avoid digital construction sites thanks to accessibility

Accessible IT solutions pay off. More so, they are in the interest of every profit-driven company, even if they were not aware of this up to now. Read why here!