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Cloud Transformation

Embrace the cloud – from ideas to higher revenue

Your business has no time for traditional IT to follow the demand. Adopt cloud technologies to enable your teams to focus on creating value.

Benefits of Cloud Transformation

Businesses race to get their services to market before the competition. Traditional IT residing in on-premises datacenters cannot cope with this demand. Cloud reduces the capital expenditure (CapEx) companies needed to invest upfront and allows them to transition to financing their infrastructure based on their actual use (OpEx). Focus on quickly taking your prototypes out there, then grow your infrastructure dynamically as your solution requires.

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The cloud is here to help you deploy your solutions, faster than ever

Instead of waiting months or years for traditional IT to purchase, deploy, and configure your infrastructure, adopt managed services from cloud service providers and focus on what really matters to your customers: your digital solution.

Scale your infrastructure and costs according to demand

Traditional IT follows demand with a delay. On-premises infrastructure can only be cost-effective if demand for your services tends to be stable. With the cloud, you not only have the option to scale horizontally (more instances) and vertically (more performance), but also to scale back after increased campaign demand or change in user behavior.

Rely on high availability to keep your customers engaged and happy

As demand for your systems grows, keeping up the same service level can be a challenge. Instead of tying up your teams and funds trying to increase reliability of your solutions, level up your architecture by integrating ready-to-use cloud resources and services.