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Unique Cybersecurity

Adnovum specializes in the implementation of demanding IT projects. Our solutions meet the highest of quality requirements. We specialize in the design, implementation and maintenance of software and security solutions that comply with business and technical requirements.

«For the mid-sized company we are, it is impossible to have all of the required technology skills. We therefore need a partner to equip us with these skills and the ability to scale these external experts to our needs. This setup enables us to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.»

Marcel Amstutz

CTO, Mobility Cooperative

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Stay safe with a healthy cybersecurity culture

Within this realm, information has become a valuable asset. It is therefore impera­tive for modern organizations to take the protection of their information resources and data seriously. The protection of these resources – also known as information security – consists of many processes which will be detailed in this eBook.

Cybersecurity that works for you

Digital Identity Security

Allow secure and integrated access to business and end-user processes on-premise and in the cloud while complying with legal and security regulations.

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Cyber Resilience

Gain awareness and control of your cyber risks and establish a cybersecurity culture.

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Information Security Management

We guide you through the setup, operation and assessment of your ISMS while ensuring best practices and compliance to standards.
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Data Privacy Management

When it comes to the analysis of the current situation or the implementation of data protection measures, we advise you with our holistic approach and help you become FADP or GDPR compliant.

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Cloud Security

We offer a risk-based approach to cloud security by establishing maturity level and security posture according to the organization’s risk appetite.

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Application Platform Security

Introducing security best practices into digital platforms safeguards your business from cyber threats.

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Solutions that bring value

Today, customers expect easy-to-use secure digital solutions. We help you fulfill or even exceed your customers expectations.