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Digitalize business ecosystems

Automate your business processes by talking with your partner companies over standardized secure channels. Understand each other by maintaining a common trusted source of truth.

Why SB4B?

When companies are looking for a platform to automate their cross-organization processes based on a shared verifiable source of truth, they often turn to public blockchains or private distributed ledger technology (DLT) products such as R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, or similar. We tried them all, worked with them for years, and distilled our experience into our own product SB4B. SB4B is a lightweight, secure, scalable, production-ready peer-to-peer (P2P) platform providing the core capabilities that convert to actual business value. 

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Privacy by design

Data is only shared on-demand between parties in bilateral transactions. The P2P interaction itself is not detectable by other parties and its content is encrypted on the application level. 

Integration and operation

The SB4B node is optimized for easy integration and lightweight operations. It is distributed as a single docker image, requires only the default HTTPS port to be open, and runs smoothly with the smallest footprint (e.g., Raspberry Pi 3). 

Scalability and business continuity

In SB4B's network architecture, transactions can happen in parallel and therefore don't compromise the throughput when the network grows. SB4B nodes can easily be scaled horizontally to handle an increased load and secure business continuity. 

Added value

Over the years, the network layer of SB4B has gone from Hyperledger Fabric to R3 Corda, and today to our own implementation. This hands-on experience helped us understand the effect of capabilities and complexity on real business cases built with SB4B. Today, we are pleased to make the essence of our learnings available to you. 


«If, however, the promotional potential of current trends determines your main technology decisions further down the line, you might be in trouble.»

Manuel Forster

Product Head Blockchain, Adnovum