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Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Governance and Compliance

Elevate your Business by Bridging Compliance Silos

In the complex landscape of modern business operations, compliance with regulations, industry standards, and internal policies are of paramount importance....


Creating a Cybersecurity Culture in the Workplace

The more digitized a company is, the larger the attack surface for potential hackers. The key to protection are the employees. We show how you can make them ...

Discussion among a group of people
Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Governance and Compliance

Conquering Governance and Compliance Challenges

Compliance is more than just a legal requirement for businesses - it is essential for building trust with stakeholders, protecting your organization’s...

Laptop screen displaying ransomware attack message

Guide to Protecting Your Business Against Ransomware Attacks

Today’s interconnected world has led to an increase in ransomware attacks, impacting a wide range of targets. The victims might be anybody, from a single...

Cybersecurity FADP

nFADP – Requirements Needed to Comply with the New Data Protection Law

Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Singpass

Singpass: Empowering Business Growth Across Businesses in Singapore

Singapore’s digital identity application, Singpass is used by 5 million users, with 90% of them transacting via the mobile application. With a high adoption...

Cybersecurity FADP

What is FADP? The New Swiss Data Protection Law, Explained

We explain what the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) is. Plus, we share 5 key changes and how they impact Swiss and international companies.

Cybersecurity Digital Identities (IAM)

5 Business Values that Cloud IAM Provides

Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) is a crucial aspect of any organization's security infrastructure, especially in the cloud computing era. Cloud IAM...


The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Risk Assessment in 2023

Cyberattacks on companies remain on the rise. In 2022 alone they increased by 38% worldwide, and even by 61% in Switzerland. The outlook for the coming years ...

Cybersecurity FADP

New Data Protection Law – Legal Aspects Companies Definitely Need to Consider

On 1 September 2023, the new Swiss data protection law came into effect. Did your company address the specific changes? Four experts from renowned law firms ...