Cybersecurity User Experience Digital Identities (IAM)

Corppass integration: What past changes mean for businesses

Corppass was first introduced to replace Singpass in 2016. Since 2018, it was made the single login method for businesses to transact with e-government...

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Cybersecurity Digital Identities (IAM)

OIDC in Singpass Integration: Advanced Authentication for your Business Digitalization

For organizations, Singpass applications have helped to digitalize their businesses in how they interact with customers and manage their internal workforce in...

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Consulting Cybersecurity Digital Identities (IAM)

How Singpass helps organizations enhance digital services and data quality

In industries like banking, financial services and insurance, the onboarding process can be tedious, with lengthy forms to fill whether online or offline. This...

Cybersecurity Machine Learning (ML)

IT resilience requires more than the principle of hope

With the Corona pandemic, the term «resilience» has taken on a new and much greater importance for companies. Being able to maintain business operations in a...

Cybersecurity Machine Learning (ML)

Why ML requires a special approach to cybersecurity

The intersection of Machine Learning (ML) and cybersecurity is significant. ML can be used to attack computer systems. This could be achieved by automatically...


7 Ways organizations can benefit from DevSecOps

Seeking to thrive and remain competitive in a highly digitalized world, it is imperative that businesses adopt strategies like agile cloud computing platforms,...


How DevSecOps is Key to Your Cybersecurity Posture

Our current landscape sees the rapid growth of technology and digitalization. Businesses now more than ever are integrating the use of technology in their...

Cybersecurity Machine Learning (ML)

How Machine Learning contributes to better cybersecurity

As our world continues to evolve and transform, one of the more prominent changes we see is the rapid digitalization of processes and operations. From...


How Singpass Enforces Data Security and What You Can Learn

Singpass: A Brief Background


Your must-have of the future: a cybersecurity culture

The number of cyber attacks worldwide is higher than ever. A cyber attack is launched every 39 seconds. This is due in part to advancing digitalization and...