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How can Singpass enhance organisations' customer journey?

The Singpass application has been widely used by 97% of Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 and above. This has translated into more than 350...


10 cybersecurity awareness questions with 2 experts

How is the threat landscape changing? Which companies are most vulnerable and how can they protect themselves against attacks? Simon Künzler, Managing Director...

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Cloud Security Posture Management: An Advanced and Effective Way of Securing Your Cloud Environment

The cloud strategy paves way for various business innovations and data-driven business models. For the agility and efficiency of cloud computing, businesses...

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An Effective Cloud IAM Strategy for your Digital Business

Employees and customers in today's competitive, tech-driven marketplace demand easy and quick access to resources and other IT services. However, to ensure...


Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection 2023 in a nutshell

The Federal Act on Data Protection (new FADP) is the new data protection law that will replace the current one adopted in 1992. This first FADP came into force...

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Optimizing Security for your Organization’s Cloud Migration

As organizations expect to gain the value of cloud solutions for their businesses without being disrupted by security issues, they need to take more...

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Key Elements for your Cloud Migration Strategy

Why is it Crucial to have a Comprehensive Cloud Strategy Before Migration? During cloud migration, an organization transfers its resources and workloads to a...

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Striking the balance between innovation and cyber risk management

To get in the mood, Samir Aliyev, CEO and Founder of the Swiss Cyber Institute, interviewed our Roman Zoun, Cybersecurity Innovation Lead at Adnovum, on how to...


Success factor asset identification: you need to know what you need to protect

«Assets» include anything that is relevant to a specific business purpose in a particular context and therefore essential for survival. Therefore, it is key to...

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Leverage Singpass integration to drive customer satisfaction for your digital services

To date, Singpass serves as a convenient yet secure platform for users to transact with both government agencies and private sector organizations. More than...