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Media Release

Adnovum and Squirro Join Forces to Transform Banking, Insurance, and Public Sectors with Generative AI

Zurich, 21 February 2024 – Adnovum, a leader in digital solutions, and Squirro, a pioneer in enterprise-ready generative AI, have announced a strategic ...

Digital Solutions Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Will AI Replace Software Engineers? Unveiling the Truth in 2024

AI is disrupting industries globally, including the tech sector. As it promises higher productivity, better quality, and numerous other benefits, will we soon ...

Consulting Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Scaling Your Business with Automated Compliance

Businesses operate in a complicated and ever-evolving regulatory environment today. From data privacy mandates like PDPA to industry-specific compliance...

Digital Solutions Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

AI Software Development: Ensuring Data Privacy

AI is seen as a productivity booster in software development that opens up unimagined possibilities. The euphoria is dampened, among other things, by the issue ...


Cybersecurity Services for Hidden Threats: Mitigate Insider Risks Effectively

As organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, a looming challenge emerges from within – the insider cybersecurity threat. With technological...

Banking and FinTech

Developing digital banking solutions quickly and systematically in a partner ecosystem

In today's financial world, customers are demanding new offers ever more quickly. If service providers want to respond swiftly to changing needs, a partner ...

A male dressed in suit, holding on to a mobile phone with buildings in the background.
Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Governance and Compliance

Conquer Compliance with The Continuous Path to IT Governance Excellence

In today's ever-evolving regulatory landscape, staying compliant is no longer a one-time feat, but a continuous journey. The intricate web of regulations,...

Two business associates seated while having a discussion over some documents.
Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Governance and Compliance

The Proactive Advantage in IT Governance and Compliance Monitoring

In today's dynamic IT landscape, staying compliant is not just a necessity for survival, it is a strategic advantage. A reactive approach to IT governance...

Person Doing Multi Factor Authentication
Cybersecurity Digital Identities (IAM)

Optimise Your MFA Implementation With These 8 Key Practices

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an excellent way to fend against unauthorised access in the cyber world. It offers an additional layer of protection ...