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Two Business Professionals In A Discussion
Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

How a Connected IT Governance Enhances Compliance Activities

Navigating Singapore's ever-evolving regulatory environment requires embracing agility in compliance management. For businesses aiming for sustainable success,...

Transportation and Logistics User Experience

An app design that not only appeals to digital natives

Upgrading the design of an app helps attract young users. Make it not only modern, but also timeless and intuitive, and you will boost user reach and ...

Consulting Cybersecurity Cloud Security

Cloud Security Compliance: Strategies to Navigate the Maze

Cybersecurity Cloud Security

Fortify Your Cloud Defenses: Addressing Data Security in Container and Serverless Functions

The widespread adoption of container and serverless computing technologies has revolutionized how businesses deploy and manage applications. While these...

People Women move IT

Jenny, where start-up vibes and project management meet

As a Senior Project Manager with Adnovum, start-up founder of the sustainability-focused company «Enchar» and mother of a little boy, Jenny Peurois is ...

Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Monitoring for Optimal Cloud Governance and Compliance

The cloud has revolutionized IT landscapes, fostering agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for businesses. However, this dynamic environment also...

Programmer at workstation with dual monitors displaying code and data
Consulting Cybersecurity Digital Innovation

AI in Cloud Security: Revolutionizing Defense Against Cyber Threats

The mass migration to cloud infrastructure, driven by scalability and cost-efficiency, has also introduced a new wave of security challenges for businesses....

Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML) Conversational AI

«There are different opinions about AI in software engineering»

The influence of AI is constantly growing – also in software engineering. How exactly does this transform the development process? Beat Fluri, CTO Adnovum, ...

A group of IT experts gathered around a laptop discussing the results of an LLM benchmark run
Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML) Conversational AI

LLM Benchmarking: How to Find the Ideal Large Language Model for Your Needs

Choosing a large language model is no easy task. There are ways, however, to objectively measure the performance of the various available options: benchmarking ...