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The latest at Adnovum

Media Release

One Identity Partner Awards 2023 – Adnovum Receives «EMEA Central Partner of the Year» Award

Zurich, 21 September 2023 – As a partner of One Identity, the Swiss software company Adnovum develops identity, access, and governance solutions based on their ...


Creating a Cybersecurity Culture in the Workplace

The more digitized a company is, the larger the attack surface for potential hackers. The key to protection are the employees. We show how you can make them ...

Discussion among a group of people
Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Governance and Compliance

Conquering Governance and Compliance Challenges

Compliance is more than just a legal requirement for businesses - it is essential for building trust with stakeholders, protecting your organization’s...

Digital Identities (IAM)

8 Questions on Identity Fabrics with Olivier Pallière

Identity fabrics are definitely more than a buzzword. Get some first-hand insights from a pro into the concept of identity fabrics and why they offer many ...


Self-Sovereign Identity: How it Works and How it Impacts our Lives

Self-Sovereign Identity is the next level of digital identity. It comes with unparalleled benefits for both organizations and users. We show you what they are,...

Laptop screen displaying ransomware attack message

Guide to Protecting Your Business Against Ransomware Attacks

Today’s interconnected world has led to an increase in ransomware attacks, impacting a wide range of targets. The victims might be anybody, from a single...

Two business people are looking at a laptop screen and having a discussion
Consulting Information Security Management

Metrics and Actions for Improved Cybersecurity Posture

When there is a lack of cybersecurity measures and constant cyber threats, businesses cannot thrive. To foster growth and success, it is imperative for...

Cybersecurity FADP

nFADP – Requirements Needed to Comply with the New Data Protection Law

Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Singpass

Singpass: Empowering Business Growth Across Businesses in Singapore

Singapore’s digital identity application, Singpass is used by 5 million users, with 90% of them transacting via the mobile application. With a high adoption...


Pursuing different career paths at 22

At 22, Ivo Pacheco is already riding on a three-lane highway. As a software engineer, entrepreneur, and student. With his zest for action and new challenges, ...