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Four Ways Docker Boosts Enterprise Software Development

Containers are becoming the norm in software development. No wonder, they provide major benefits. Welcome to a deep dive.

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Liesa, the architect behind Adnovum's system landscape

Liesa Bernauer, Senior Engineer, Enterprise Architect, Career Coach and mother of two, has recently taken on the role of Head of Group IT Solutions and ...

Banking and FinTech

How do you strike a balance between agility and technical debts?

Agile projects tend not to consider the technological foundation, thus falling short and destroying long-term value. A holistic approach is key.


Introducing Adnovum’s Career Coach Academy

If a company wants their employees to blossom, it needs to continuously support and develop them. As this task comes with great responsibility and requires ...

Banking and FinTech

Keep it convenient, keep it simple, keep it secure and play into the habits of your customers

With more and more digital channels emerging, it is key for financial institutions to stay in control of communication. There are simple and safe solutions ...

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Consulting Cybersecurity Digital Innovation

Optimizing Security for your Organization’s Cloud Migration

The cloud business has seen stratospheric expansion due to the increasing demand for remote labor during the era of the pandemic breakout. IDC (2021) reveals ...

Conversational AI

Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms – how bots create value for customers

Bots are maturing and thus becoming increasingly essential for companies. If they are to perform at their best for the benefit of customers and contact center ...


This is my QR code: how SSI could revolutionize real-world identification

With Self-Sovereign Identity users regain control of their data in the digital world. The approach could also be applied to the real world. In a much simpler ...

Consulting Cybersecurity Digital Solutions

Key Elements for your Cloud Migration Strategy

Competing in today's digital environment and meeting high customer requirements demand organizations to digitalize their current process to improve their ...

Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Optimize Business Process with Intelligent Automation

The need for consistent business process improvement is greater than ever so as to stay competitive. It requires organizations adapting to digital ...