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Consulting Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Proactive Data Privacy: Achieve IT Compliance & Minimize Breaches

Singapore, a global financial hub, faces a complex cybersecurity landscape. A Coleman Parkes survey revealed only 25% of Singaporean cybersecurity...

Digital Identities (IAM)

E-ID in Switzerland and EU – Technology and Regulations Decoded

A government-issued secure e-ID is a key driver of digital transformation. Although it may come with major benefits, adoption is complex. Learn why and what ...

IT team meeting
Consulting Cybersecurity

Building a Resilient Organization with Cyber Risk Management

Businesses are no longer passively responding to cybersecurity issues but are adopting a proactive approach. As digital infrastructure becomes the lifeline of...

Digital Solutions Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

How and When to Improve Your Identity and Access Management Strategy with Identity Fabrics

The new normal, digital identities increasingly challenge the security posture of organizations. While traditional identity and access management is an ...

Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Enhancing Audit Efficiency with Centralized Systems in IT Compliance

The escalating significance of data security and privacy underscores the indispensability of compliance with IT regulations. A breach stemming from...

How Singpass Improves Cybersecurity in Business Processes
Cybersecurity Singpass

5 Ways Singpass Integration Supercharges Business Security and Customer Experiences

The integrity of business processes relies heavily on robust cybersecurity measures in today’s digital era. From user authentication to accessing healthcare...

Digital Identities (IAM)

«Digital Identity Is a Key Element of Any Online Infrastructure»

More and more people are using digital identities to identify themselves online – despite the lack of a Switzerland-wide E-ID. Adnovum’s Olivier Pallière, ...

Media Release

Adnovum and Squirro Join Forces to Transform Banking, Insurance, and Public Sectors with Generative AI

Zurich, 21 February 2024 – Adnovum, a leader in digital solutions, and Squirro, a pioneer in enterprise-ready generative AI, have announced a strategic ...

Digital Solutions Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Will AI Replace Software Engineers? Unveiling the Truth in 2024

AI is disrupting industries globally, including the tech sector. As it promises higher productivity, better quality, and numerous other benefits, will we soon ...

Consulting Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance

Scaling Your Business with Automated Compliance

Businesses operate in a complicated and ever-evolving regulatory environment today. From data privacy mandates like PDPA to industry-specific compliance...