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Learning from Successful Machine Learning Use Cases

Solutions in AI and Machine Learning (ML) are already established and being successfully applied across industries, especially in finance. In a UBS Evidence...

Digital Solutions Singpass

Leverage Singpass integration to drive customer satisfaction for digital services

The National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative Singpass, has allowed citizens to securely and easily transact online with both the public and private sectors. ...

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Key Factors to Consider before Singpass Integration

Singapore’s national digital identity, Singpass, was collaboratively developed by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), the Monetary ...

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Integrate Singpass to Enhance Operational Efficiency

What started out as a vision has now become a significant and inclusive enabler of Singapore’s national digital economy. Singpass application currently serves...

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Cybersecurity Singpass

Singpass and Corppass integration: What past changes mean for businesses

Corppass was first introduced to replace Singpass in 2016. Since 2018, it was made the single login method for businesses to transact with e-government ...

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Consulting Cybersecurity Singpass

How Singpass helps organizations enhance digital services and data quality

Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition, businesses are seeking new approaches to better serve their customers in order to remain competitive in...

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5 Ways Singpass Can Boost Your Customer Experience

As Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives continue to progress, it comes as no surprise that transactions are becoming increasingly digitalized. The national...

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Singpass OIDC FAQs - What You Should Know

The one constant element of technology lies in its ever-changing nature. As digitalisation evolves at a rapid rate, advancing in different areas, so does the...

Person holding smartphone showing SingPass app on screen
Cybersecurity Singpass

How Singpass Enforces Data Security and What You Can Learn

In our highly-digitalised landscape, enforcing data security has become more of a mandate rather than an option. Around the world, more and more industries...

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3 Ways Organizations Can Ensure Data Protection

Data protection is becoming a crucial success factor for organizations. Those who implement certain fundamental principles have already gained a major ...