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Key Factors to Consider before Singpass Integration

Built on the principles, safe and secure data, trusted ecosystem of partners and inclusive design for all residents, it’s only natural that Singpass has been...

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Integrate Singpass to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Organizations that have leveraged Singpass integration are not just providing existing Singpass application users with enhanced customer experiences, but can...

Cybersecurity User Experience Digital Identities (IAM)

Corppass integration: What past changes mean for businesses

We explore what these changes mean for businesses, and how both Corppass and Singpass remain essential for organizations. Utilizing the information available,...

5 Ways Singpass Can Boost Your Customer Experience

1. Low / zero learning curve for users to adopt Singpass All Singpass users are automatically provisioned with a Myinfo profile. Myinfo enables citizens and...

Digital Identities (IAM)

Singpass OIDC FAQs - What You Should Know

What Exactly is OIDC and How Does it Work? OIDC is an open authentication protocol that adds an identity layer to OAuth 2.0. OAuth 2.0 is an authorisation...


How Singpass Enforces Data Security and What You Can Learn

Singpass: A Brief Background


How IT security solution providers support businesses in their digital transformation

As the COVID-19 global pandemic compelled many people to start working from home, organizations realized that digital transformation is the key to ensuring...


How Secure are Know Your Customer (KYC) Services?

Furthermore, KYC services can streamline the customer onboarding process, especially when integrated with a national digital identity platform like MyInfo....

Machine Learning (ML)

Advantages of Leveraging On Federated Authentication

According to a 2020 Verizon Investigations Report, it was shown that one of the most common causes of data breaches is weak or stolen credentials. This is...

Machine Learning (ML)

Top 5 Benefits of Using OIDC for Federated Authentication

Federated identity management (FIM) has been getting increasingly popular in recent years as it allows a user to link their digital identity across several...