Integrate Singpass to Enhance Operational Efficiency

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What started out as a vision has now become a significant and inclusive enabler of Singapore’s national digital economy. Singpass application currently serves Singapore residents as a trusted digital identity, connecting them to digital services provided by over 700 government agencies and private sector organizations.

Organizations that have leveraged Singpass integration are not just providing existing Singpass application users with enhanced customer experiences, but can also expect to see benefits in various forms. We look at how Singpass integration can potentially or has already enhanced operational efficiency for organizations.

Faster, more efficient customer onboarding 

Within Singpass suite of services, lies Myinfo, a service that enables users to pre-fill digital forms for online transactions, which includes onboarding new services / products. Myinfo allows users to share their personal data, which is retrieved from government sources. This creates a win-win scenario where the user drastically cuts down time spent on filling numerous digital documents (up to 80%), and businesses enjoy a faster yet more secure customer acquisition process. 

Thanks to Myinfo integration, cumbersome tasks like manual filling of forms, uploading scanned copies of identity documents, etc. have become a thing of the past, saving businesses time and resources while still receiving quality data. 

Better diversified resources and productivity 

In time-intensive processes like manual form filling, businesses need to dedicate manpower and resources just to verify the information provided by prospects and customers. Through Myinfo integration, this process is not only digitized, but dedicated manpower can now be better allocated to fulfill other key tasks. This potentially improves ROI on manpower resources. According to SmartNation, businesses have reported significant cost savings in their customer acquisition process. 

Since the pre-filled information contains personal data from government sources, businesses don’t have to worry about its authenticity and the verification process can also be reduced drastically, if not made instant. This improves not just productivity., but also data management compliance since the accuracy of the data is assured through authorized sources. Ensuring data accuracy for compliance is essential especially with businesses that are sensitive in nature, like healthcare, legal and so on. 

Simplify face-to-face customer acquisition 

Among Singpass’ suite of services, Verify allows businesses to make their services more convenient through contactless and efficient transactions without the need for physical identity documents. Combined with Singpass’ Digital IC, personal identification data can be easily retrieved after the user / customer provides consent. Many of us will be familiar with this feature already adopted by polyclinics to register new patients. 

In removing the need for providing physical documents, not only is the face-to-face interaction for customers less of a hassle, front-serving staff no longer need to manage the accompanying paperwork that usually results in long queues and waiting times. The entire physical process can be reduced to seconds, by simply having prospects / customers scanning a QR code and clicking a few buttons. 

Other suitable use cases where Verify can facilitate face-to-face customer acquisition include banks acquiring new credit card customers, telecommunication companies signing up new customers, real estate show flats securing expression of interests, loan services acquiring new customers, country clubs recruiting new members, charities receiving donations and more. 

Reduced IT helpdesk costs 

Thanks to features like 2FA, Single-Sign-On and biometric authentication, Singpass allows users to log into frequently used digital services (across multiple applications) without having to remember another set of login credentials. This removal of login credentials means businesses don’t have to dedicate helpdesk staff to handle queries on lost usernames, forgotten passwords, resetting login credentials and so on. 

Additionally, Singpass has Face Verification and Multi-User SMS 2FA that allows even users without mobile phones to access digital services. And even within this user group of non-mobile phone users, organizations don’t have to invest resources into supporting login-related issues. The logging in and related backend matters are managed from Singpass’ end. 

Rapid integration with little to no downtime 

Integrating Singpass APIs is straightforward and can be achieved without having to overhaul entire IT infrastructures. For government agencies and private sector organizations with even the most legacy and complex systems, Adnovum can handle and satisfy their requirements with custom Singpass integration approach. 

Adnovum has even developed Secpass, a solution that allows one Singpass to be integrated once but linked to multiple applications. This is ideal for businesses that manage multiple digital services. Furthermore, the costs are a fraction of custom integrations and integration can be completed as quickly as 2 weeks! 

Improved cybersecurity posture at no additional costs 

Since the users’ digital identity is stored within Singpass and not the organization’s database, there is no risk of losing sensitive personal data to cyber-attacks. It also reduces the risk of non-compliance and data breaches. Additionally, Singpass integration does not require organizations to invest resources into additional IT security and support. 

Singpass adopts stringent security measures to safeguard users’ personal data without compromising on user experience. For instance, in the event that Singpass mobile detects unauthorized access, the app will prompt the user to end the current session. Nevertheless, users play an active role in protecting their account and personal information. 

It’s difficult to imagine, but the benefits for both users and businesses do not end here. Singpass integration brings not just convenience to your prospects and customers, but also provides leverage into a ready marketplace of over 4.5 million users aged above 15.

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Published May 25, 2022