Leverage Singpass integration to drive customer satisfaction for your digital services

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The National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative Singpass, has allowed citizens to securely and easily transact online with both the public and private sectors. The same can be said with Singpass APIs, which allow businesses to easily integrate Singpass with their digital businesses.

To date, Singpass serves as a convenient yet secure platform for users to transact with both government agencies and private sector organizations. More than 350 million personal and corporate transactions are facilitated via Singpass every year.

Currently, the Singpass suite of services includes the Singpass app, Myinfo, Verify, Face Verification, Login and Myinfo business. So how does this ever-evolving NDI initiative serve to help digital services win over customers by improving customer satisfaction?

We explore at least three ways.

Accessibility for a wider range of users

In our highly advanced and developed nation, it’s easy to forget that having a smartphone is a luxury that not every citizen has access to. Users like the elderly, people with disabilities and less tech-savvy may not have smartphones, but will still need to securely transact with digital services from both the government and private sectors.

Singpass has ensured that users without the Singpass mobile app can still have 2FA enabled. This is achieved through a suite of services that include Facial Verification, SMS 2FA and Multi-user SMS 2FA. The Multi-user SMS 2FA for instance, allows users to designate another person to receive their SMS OTP.

This inclusivity ensures that citizens can still engage in secure, digital transactions, even without having a mobile phone. Citizens without a smartphone can transact with hundreds of digital services without compromising on security.

Bringing convenience to your digital services

The service Myinfo allows Singpass users to manage the use of their personal data to drastically simplify online transactions, lowering transaction lead time by up to 80%.

This is an automatically provisioned feature that lets users give organizations permission to access their personal information to pre-fill digital forms. A previously tedious and manual process that required the customer’s physical presence and potentially took days or weeks to complete, can now be shortened to mere taps on the screen of a mobile phone.

Digital services that benefit from leveraging Myinfo and improve customer satisfaction include loan applications, fund management, new account sign ups, patient registrations, purchasing new financial products, car rental sign ups, job applications, new credit card sign ups and so on.

Strengthened cybersecurity to increase trust

According to a survey by CyberRisk Alliance’s Business Intelligence Unit, 65% of organizations in Singapore have experienced at least six cybersecurity incidents in 2021. Only 49% of them were able to respond to threats within a day.

As digital services continue to grow, it’s only natural that cybersecurity becomes an increasing concern between organizations and their users. Companies that integrate Singpass don’t have to worry about protecting their users’ digital identities and data compliance and management as Singpass includes strict security protocols.

Additionally, organizations that integrate Singpass will not store the digital identities in their database. The users’ personal data remains in government records and will not be transferred without the users’ permissions.

Singpass has also shared that it utilizes a privacy-conscious design to ensure data privacy when transacting, by hiding sensitive data in one’s Singpass app profile. It is also backed by encryption technologies and security safeguards, making sure that every access to a service requires authentication from the user.

Customers that trust Singpass will therefore, by extension, trust digital services that integrate Singpass. This goes a long way in building trust with customers, further adding another level of reassurance to the customer experience.
So not only does Singpass streamline your customers’ interaction with your digital services, it gives them a sense of security throughout their experience.

To make it Singpass integration even easier for organizations, Adnovum Singapore has developed Secpass, a Singpass solution that allows for rapid integration in as short as 2 weeks!

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Published June 29, 2022