Singpass and Corppass integration: What past changes mean for businesses

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Corppass was first introduced to replace Singpass in 2016. Since 2018, it was made the single login method for businesses to transact with e-government services, replacing Singpass and EASY. Yet as of 11 April 2021, government digital services for businesses (G2B) are required to log in via Singpass instead of Corppass.

We explore what these changes mean for businesses, and how both Corppass and Singpass remain essential for organizations.

Utilizing the information available, we will attempt to best address these questions.

The rationale behind the change in April 2021

The rationale behind using Singpass as a single login system aligns with the government’s efforts to simplify the user experience of managing multiple sets of login credentials. According to Go Business Singapore, this step not only enhances the login process, but it also streamlines system operations.

What the change means for businesses

Corppass remains the one-stop authorization system for businesses to authorize or remove access rights to government digital services. A user’s Singpass ID is also automatically linked to the user’s Corppass account, making this change as frictionless as possible.

Aside from the login via Singpass, there appears to be no significant change in terms of how businesses utilize Corppass’ functions.

Corppass remains essential

In recent updates, it was reiterated that Corppass continues to be the single authorization system for businesses and entities to manage digital service access of employees who need to perform corporate transactions with the Government.

It also helps protect personal data, since it allows users to avoid using their personal Singpass to access corporate transactions. Should the Corppass admin be unavailable, he / she does not have to disclose personal details – if Singpass was being used instead of Corppass – to another colleague. Through Corppass, there will be separate login credentials.

Also, there are over 50 major government agencies onboarded with Corppass and businesses using their Singpass to login can transact with all of them.

Govtech mentioned that it will announce and roll out more enhancements in future. These will help facilitate secure and seamless corporate transactions.

Managing both Singpass and Corppass integrations

At Adnovum, we have developed a solution that allows businesses to manage both Singpass integration and Corppass integration, no matter the updates / changes in the ‘unforeseeable’ future. Known as Secpass, this solution allows businesses to enjoy multiple benefits.

Firstly, it serves as a one-stop integration of Singpass / Corppass for businesses with multiple applications and e-services. It can therefore be configured to allow customers to interact with multiple e-services after logging in just once.

It also serves as a single and common touch point between multiple applications and the identity provider (i.e. Singpass / Corppass) providing organizations of different sizes with a seamless Singpass authentication process.

The solution can also be integrated at a fraction of the cost when compared to custom Singpass / Corppass integrations. Furthermore, this entire setup can be up and running as quickly as 2 weeks!

How does Secpass support my Singpass / Corppass integration?

Adnovum’s Secpass serves as a one-stop integration of Singpass for businesses with multiple applications and e-services. It acts as a single and common touchpoint between multiple applications and the IdP. This enables organizations of different sizes with a seamless Singpass authentication access.

Accessibility is another key capability, as a browser and an internet connection is all that’s needed to access Secpass, making it adaptable with a wide range of devices and remote working styles.

Other potential benefits include lower up-front costs, quick deployment, easy upgrades and scalability to match your business’ growth.

Questions about Singpass / Corppass integration?

Adnovum Singapore has the expertise and track record to enable your business in leveraging Singpass / Corppass, by integrating Secpass, no matter how complex your existing system may be.

Contact us to learn more about our integration solutions today, and potentially have it up and running in as little as two weeks!

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Published May 20, 2022