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Electronic Signature for Banks

Adopt legally binding electronic signature

Passwordless experience for legally binding electronic signatures. Sovereign solution that runs on-premises at your company.

Benefits of electronic signature

The electronic signature is not only a tool of digital transformation, but a fundamental component that accelerates business and redefines the regulatory, technological and institutional environments themselves.

By adopting legally binding electronic signature companies are bridging the gap to complete the full digitalization of the end customer experience.

Our solution is focusing on providing data sovereignty and flexibility to companies. It is seamlessly integrated into your workflows to deliver maximum value.

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Compliance with multiple legislations

Legally binding solution supporting Simple, Advanced and Qualified electronic signature and electronic Seal. It covers multiple jurisdictions, including CH, EU, Singapore, HK, and the Bahamas.

On-premise solution

Our solution provides the data sovereignty and is not subject to Cloud Act. It runs on-premises at your company or in managed service mode in a Swiss data center.

No customer data disclosure

Legally binding «qualified» signature mode without storing or exposing any Customer Identification Data (CID) to third parties, including signature service provider.