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Secure Chat Mobile App

Banking chat channel

The app provides a secure point-to-point connection without compromising on the usability compared with an ordinary chat tool.

Benefits of Secure Chat Mobile App

The missing piece between classical personal contact and digital access to bank services brings back a more personal element. The secure chat tool allows for an asynchronous communication between customer and relationship manager or advisory pool, ranging from chat to offering and execution. All generated and exchanged data is archived meeting legal and compliance requirements.

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A strong mean of customer retention

Become part of the customers’ world by allowing them to interact with their bank in an uncomplicated way whenever they feel like it.

Integrates with any cockpit or advisor workbench

The solution backend can be provided with compliance-proved messages or with often used standard texts for offering and execution. In addition, the application offers a simple overview and customer selection.

Solve the dilemma between security, compliance, and convenience

The application delivers the same usability as any known chat app, just directly between bank and customer over a secure point-to-point connection. The exchanged content is securely stored and retrievable.

Convenient, simple, secure and in line with customer habits

With more and more digital channels emerging, it is key for financial institutions to stay in control of communication. There are simple and safe solutions that not only enable advisors to keep an overview, but also improve customer experience.