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ESG Rating Tool

Efficiently combining ESG data with internal assessment

Create real added value for your customers and stand out in the market by combining available ESG data with your internal assessment.

Benefits of ESG Rating Tool

An increasing number of investors expect a truly sustainable investment strategy from their bank. The focus is on reliable ESG data and a fully comprehensible decision-making basis.
To better meet this requirement, it is advisable not to pass on unfiltered ESG data to the customer. Combining one's own analysis results and assessments with externally available data proves to be a viable approach, which is efficiently implemented with the ESG Rating Tool. This allows you to offer your customers the best possible basis for a qualified investment decision at all times.
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Flexibly integrate ESG data of your market data providers

Whether you want to obtain the ESG data from one or several data providers – you are free to choose and customize the tool according to your needs.


The efficient combination of externally provided data with your individual parameters and algorithms to determine the bank's investment strategy can be presented both in an Azure cloud-based solution and, if desired, in an «on-premise» setup.

Integrate into any core system

Regardless of which core banking system you use, the ESG Rating Tool can be easily integrated and ensures delivery of the results directly to existing systems.

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«The solution meets our expectations just right – we are very satisfied.»

Reto Grässli

Senior Project Manager, VP Bank AG