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Make Excel documents a controlled part of your processes

«AdExcel» combines the operational and cost benefits of an Excel solution with the security and compliance of proprietary software.

Benefits of AdExcel

Excel enables users to quickly and easily perform complex calculations and solve problems without much programming knowledge. In specialist departments completely uncontrollable Excel solutions are still commonplace – to the regret of IT and compliance departments.

«AdExcel» allows avoiding many of the disadvantages of a pure Excel solution without having to sacrifice its advantages. It turns Excel documents into a controlled part of your business, compliance and IT processes and protects your budget.

Continue to use Excel

Users can continue to work with their familiar interface and take full advantage of their tool expertise.

Meet all compliance requirements

Internal and external requirements for secure and constantly traceable data processing are met. There are no local data back-ups. Correct versioning, traceability and access control are ensured.

Optimize degree of automation and documentation

Relevant work steps remain the same in terms of content, but can be automated using «AdExcel». In addition, changes to an Excel file, the calculations it contains, and data to be entered/retrieved externally are fully documented.

Webinar: The optimal combination of Excel with your app!​

Specialist departments love Excel because it is flexible and you can quickly carry out complex calculations. IT and compliance departments, on the other hand, hate Excel because it moves outside of the established company-wide governance, for which traceability and process control are important. Video available only in German.