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Create up-/cross-selling opportunities

Provide personalized advice to your customers

A consistent process assessing and segmenting your customers will significantly increase the likelihood of successful deals.

Benefits of Create up-/cross-selling

In times of decreasing margins and a highly competitive market it is crucial for companies to successfully activate their customer base. Proactively managing your customer base will let you make better use of information already available and anticipate customer-specific opportunities and churn risks at an early stage. This way, you can achieve a great effect even with simple means.

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Increase customer loyalty through anticipation of sales opportunities

Finding suitable offerings for your customers does enforce their engagement, focuses on their needs and will create value for them.

Early warning of outflows, identification of churn risks

Applying business intelligence and data analytics can predict customer behavior. A set of indicators will warn you of potential outflows and churn, giving you the chance to act and take preventive measures.

Identify cross- and up-selling opportunities

A systematic and automated review of your customers’ needs allows you to focus your sales activities. Targeted offers increase the chance of success and help you grow your customers.