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Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

4 Ways Machine Learning can Enhance Customer Experience

For any business, good customer experience is a key factor of repurchase, word-of-mouth, and loyalty, and is strongly tied to a company's long-term earnings....

Applications of AI and Machine Learning
Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Generate Positive Business Impacts from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning technologies will be disruptive for many industries including healthcare, insurance, and retail. According to the Fortune Business...

Consulting Digital Innovation Machine Learning (ML)

Leveraging Big Data, AI and Machine Learning for Critical Business Insights

Adopting effective IT solutions to stay competitive in today’s digitalized world is important, big data analytics lies at the heart of any organizations’...

Facial Verification
Cybersecurity Digital Identities (IAM)

OIDC in Singpass Integration: Advanced Authentication for your Business Digitalization

For organizations, Singpass applications have helped to digitalize their businesses in how they interact with customers and manage their internal workforce in...

Digital Solutions

Security and key elements in a good Software Solution

Good User Experience Often, the success and usability of a software solution is determined by the user experience (UX) rather than the features offered. User...

Single Sign-On vs Federated Identity Management: How do they work for your organization?

Single Sign-on (SSO)


7 Ways organizations can benefit from DevSecOps

Seeking to thrive and remain competitive in a highly digitalized world, it is imperative that businesses adopt strategies like agile cloud computing platforms,...

Machine Learning (ML)

Attain Business Advantages with Machine Learning

Overview of machine learning Before looking at business values that machine learning brings in, let’s learn how machine learning works. Machine learning is a...