How established partnerships create a win-win situation for banks

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No one can do it all! Combine your partners’ strengths. Well-coordinated teams develop sustainable solutions for your individual digital challenges.

In the digital world, the challenges are becoming increasingly complex and no one can credibly claim to have an overview of all the possibilities. So why not combine the strengths of several parties who are specialized in their respective fields? This is how digitalization becomes a success. 

On one side of the partnership is the consultant, who knows the technical environment of your company and helps to evaluate new trends and to transform them into processes. On the other side is the software provider, which defines and builds the ideal technical basis for implementation.

A real-life example

A specific such example is our partnership with Simon-Kucher & Partners, which has built an excellent reputation in, among other things, advising financial institutions on how to optimize their top-line results. Thanks to their broad experience, Simon-Kucher & Partners can respond individually to the complexity of each client's situation when providing advice. 

For efficient and effective implementation of the solutions proposed by Simon-Kucher & Partners, tailor-made digital tools are needed. For example, our partnership recently resulted in a web-based solution for professional pricing and discount management for a renowned private bank. The solution provides advisors with comprehensive client information, product and pricing simulations, and an automated approval workflow. 

360° client solution based on a flexible agreement

The combination of our different strengths not only provides a wealth of know-how, but also results in a solution that is perfectly tailored to the respective needs. The client receives a full service package and benefits from the experience of the partners who have been working closely together for several years. The contractual form of this partnership in the specific situation is highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of the client. 

Both parties to this partnership understand the complexity of the client’s IT environment and the pressures of technological-social and market upheavals. Simon-Kucher & Partners leverages its many years of international experience as a consulting firm and builds a bridge to its software implementation partner Adnovum. 

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Published January 4, 2022

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