NEVIS Security Suite

NEVIS protects over 500 banking, insurance and government portals and secures over 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland, making it the Swiss market leader in identity and access management solutions.


Passwordless Authentication: No more stress – passwordless

The password is the main security risk. Get rid of it. In a user-friendly, secure and legally compliant way. Our 360° security works without any passwords, and complies with regulatory requirements such as Transaction Confirmation, PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication etc.

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    CIAM – Customer Identity and Access Management

    Be it in e-banking, e-insurance or IoT, today's customers demand a standardized, secure and consistent customer experience in online business – regardless of the chosen end device. CIAM with NEVIS ensures the required security and increases your competitive advantage.


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  • Mobile Authentication: Always on – always safe

    No matter what you are offering, the mobile phone has become the primary channel to reach your customers. Consequently, mobile authentication is the front door to your company's digital services: the first interaction with your customers. With the Mobile Authentication solution by NEVIS, you can build frictionless customer experiences based on password-free authentication and push notifications. The Mobile Authentication solution is based on the FIDO open standard, which unlocks access to all of the latest consumer hardware authentication advances such as fingerprint recognition.


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    Multi-Factor Authentication: Security by Combination

    Two-factor authentication with username and password is vulnerable. But replacing one kind of authentication with another is not the solution. Neither iris or vein scan, nor voice recognition, nor any other method alone will solve the problem. Rather, a sophisticated system has to verify the identity of the user. NEVIS offers the required combination of context-based, multi-factor authentication, the intelligent detection of deviations and the appropriate reaction to it.


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  • User Behavior Analytics: User Behavior as Security Component

    New insights from user behavior not only increase sales but also the security and usability of online applications. User behavior analytics is widely used in e-banking and mobile banking. The user is continuously monitored even after logging in and only more important transactions trigger additional authentication factors. Thus, NEVIS helps increase security without compromising usability.


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