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IAM cloud transformation

Combine the power of the cloud with benefit of IAM

Bring the benefits of your IAM together with the opportunities of the cloud and integrate the IAM into your cloud strategy.

Benefits of IAM cloud transformation

An existing IAM installation cannot simply be moved one-to-one to the cloud, as otherwise all existing weaknesses and threats would also be moved to the cloud and there it would be a much higher risk than it is today. The necessary IAM functions must be set up with established and approved cloud services and carefully migrated from the on-premise installation. In addition, the IAM solution should be fully integrated into a company's cloud strategy in order to develop its full benefits.

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Use the benefit of cloud services with a IAM cloud strategy

Scalability of services, increased organizational flexibility, reduced administration effort, and no investment costs for infrastructure are just some of the advantages of cloud solutions. In order to benefit from all these possibilities, a cloud strategy must be in place that defines the goals and the guardrails.

Cloud architecture for the right solution

In the cloud, less development work is done than standard services are correctly combined, configured and, where necessary, adapted. Hence, it is important to identify the required services and develop a plan of how they need to interact and what kind of service and operation subscriptions are required.

New operating models for cloud solutions

If the organizations are still concerned with local systems and have to build up knowledge there, the same organizations tend to become service managers of external services. This fundamental change requires a new operating model that needs to be built and established. In addition, these new skills must be developed.