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Digital Identity Assessment

Are you protecting your digital identities well enough?

Identify gaps in your digital identity strategy across technology, processes, and individuals to improve organization’s cyber risk mitigation.

Benefits of Digital Identity Assessment

The digital transformation increases the amount of data and the digital touchpoints with the company in all business processes dramatically. The greatest risk arises from the uncontrolled and unattended use of this data. It is therefore fundamental to define and implement the right strategy for identifying and protecting monitored digital identities, access points, and access rights in order to minimize these risks.

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Gap analysis and benchmarking of relevant IAM disciplines

Identified gaps and threats in the strategy for managing digital identities across people, technology, and processes. This enables detailed recommendations for action to be taken to improve this important security component in the development of the necessary, holistic cybersecurity.

Clear digital identity strategy and roadmap

Establish a detailed identity security strategy and define IAM platforms, processes, and the necessary IAM organization fitting your business. Prevent unnecessary overhead and create the right backlog and the associated roadmap to achieve your security goals with the strong expertise of our employees.

Leverage best technology and blueprints

Align your plans with best practices and available solutions, review and optimize the existing role model, fine-tune identity management workflows and governance processes, enhance the backlog of future capabilities and refine the implementation roadmap. This creates the necessary planning security for further projects.