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Enterprise IAM (EIAM)

Protect and control your digital assets

Ensuring governance in data security and data protection through the use of targeted identity and access governance to minimize digital risks

Benefits of Enterprise IAM (EIAM)

As a company grows and expands, so do the demand on data governance and the number of stakeholders in this area: the CISO, who identifies security risks; the CSO who grants physical access; the COO, who must increase productivity; the CFO, who tries to cut costs. And let's not forget the auditor, who wants to know who had access to the sensitive data six months ago. All of these requirements can be met with a modern IAM solution that is geared towards the company's security level.

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Speed up digital transformation and reduce costs

In a big organization, it is not unusual for a new joiner to wait many days before having all the required access rights to all assets and new digital values. That impacts the employee itself but also the support teams who work in the background. With EIAM, everything is set up automatically from the very first working day onward.

Ensure digital identity governance and identify potential risks

Who never asked: «May I please have the same access rights as John?» But what if John has been in the company for 10 years and has more rights than necessary? With EIAM, processes ensure that everyone has the required permissions at the appropriate time.

Auditability and traceability of rights, permissions and rules

An EIAM system keeps track of all changes made to employees, roles and permissions. The various reporting and analysis functions bring visibility and transparency to the entire organization. Important risks such as SOD and misuse are also covered in depth and the right processes will be initiated if deviations are detected.