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«We don’t need to worry about conversational AI replacing humans»

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Well-integrated conversational AI solutions ease the burden on contact centers and increase customer satisfaction. Adnovum has thus decided to further expand its conversational AI services in 2024. In this interview, Stéphane Mingot, Head of Conversational AI since 1 November 2023, answers our questions about using artificial intelligence in customer interactions.

Since when has Adnovum been engaging with conversational AI?  

We started the first conversational AI project in our innovation lab about five years ago: a voicebot in Swiss German for the driver and vehicle licensing office of Canton Aargau. In a first step, we quickly created a PoC that answers the five most common customer requests. It was an innovative project and garnered a lot of media attention. Voicebot projects were generally mocked in those days. People still doubted the practical benefits of such solutions.  

What does the market for conversational AI look like today? 

Today, the potential of voicebots and conversational AI solutions in general is undeniable. Conversational AI has definitely come to enjoy broad acceptance in the market with the emergence of ChatGPT. Many companies possess solid basic knowledge and use conversational AI to process repetitive requests. Now the question is how we go about making full use of conversational AI’s potential. 

Will conversational AI replace contact centers in the medium term? 

Using artificial intelligence surely provides relief. But there will always be cases in which direct customer interaction is necessary or even explicitly requested. In such circumstances, a conversational AI assistant supports consultants in serving customers with more efficiency and precision. The software can continuously integrate information that is relevant to the conversation from internal and external sources and recommend next steps to the consultants.  

The software can also help the consultant read the mood of a customer and thus apply a more empathetic and solution-oriented approach. Increasing service quality has a positive effect on customer satisfaction, and the customer center contributes significantly to business success. Accordingly, there is great interest among companies and government offices in such solutions. The higher added value and the reduced repetitive tasks also make working in customer service more attractive and increase employee satisfaction. 

Where does Adnovum want to go with conversational AI? 

We have realized that there is great demand for well-integrated solutions in contact centers. That’s why we are building up a team that covers the entire range of needs, including conversational user experience, creation and integration of the solution for end-to-end processes, and security. For the solution to develop its full potential, it’s important to consider all these aspects already during the design phase.  

And one thing is clear: We don’t need to worry about conversational AI replacing humans. Human-to-human interaction remains key.

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Published November 22, 2023

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