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Voicebot for the Road Traffic Office Aargau

The Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Aargau is responsible for more than 400’000 vehicles registered in the canton. Vehicles include cars, trucks, motorbikes, and boats. Every year, 140’000 new vehicles are registered.


«Through the automatic processing of customer inquiries, the voicebot considerably relieves the employees who can concentrate on more complex customer concerns.»

Sandro Fanti

Head of Departmental Services and Personnel, Road Traffic Office Canton Aargau

The project 

The Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Aargau receives approx. 300’000 telephone inquiries per year, which it is unable to handle quickly and at any time due to limited resources. Outside of office hours, an answering machine provides only limited information. Reduced availability puts pressure on customer satisfaction, which in turn puts a strain on employees. Therefore, the Road Traffic Office decided to deploy a voicebot that can handle the most frequent cases and automatically answer 20–25% of the calls, including Swiss German ones.

Innovative project, positive impact

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The goal: Customers should receive reliable information 24/7, while the employees in the call center of the Road Traffic Office are relieved in order to improve both customer satisfaction and the work situation of the employees. 

The process: Together with their product partner Spitch, Adnovum combined automatic speech recognition (ASR) with bot technology and trained a voicebot on a variety of questions. The UX team ensured an intuitive flow of dialog. All software components were installed on site at the Road Traffic Office to ensure data protection.

The result: Out of office hours, the voicebot reliably and efficiently answers the most common questions. During office hours, the voicebot helps to relieve call center employees, especially with increased call volume, allowing employees to focus on more complex concerns.

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The Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Aargau is responsible for more than 400’000 vehicles registered in the canton. Vehicles include cars, trucks, motorbikes, and boats. The Road Traffic Office is the point of contact for all official matters related to vehicles, e.g. the issuance of license plates, vehicle inspections, changes of address or insurance of keepers, taxes and fees.

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Benefits for the Aargau Road Traffic Office and their customers

The voicebot independently answers 20–25% of telephone inquiries, whether they are made in High German or in Swiss German

Customers receive information quickly and reliably 24/7

Customers have the opportunity to speak to a call center employee at any time during opening hours if they wish to do so

Call center employees are significantly relieved, i.e. instead of answering repetitive questions and appeasing impatient customers, they can focus on callers with more complex concerns

Thanks to the relief provided by the voicebot, employees are more satisfied and motivated

Thanks to the voicebot, the Road Traffic Authority is able to simultaneously process a higher number of requests

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