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Conversational AI Solution for the Contact Center of CSS

To avoid long and unnecessary waiting times during peak hours, CSS tasked us with implementing an intelligent return-call solution for their contact center. This improves customer satisfaction and enables consultants to prepare for the next customer call, which in turn improves service quality.

«Adnovum successfully implemented the project on schedule and without any incidents.»

Marco Ippolito

Head of Market and Client Management, CSS

The solution

More than 1.7 million phone calls reach CSS every year with questions about premium adjustments and general inquiries regarding benefit statements, claims, or supplementary insurances.

In order to prevent long and unnecessary waiting times during peak hours and thus maintain or even increase customer satisfaction, we implemented an intelligent return-call solution for the contact center of CSS in cooperation with our partners Spitch and ServiceOcean.  

Customer requests are automatically transferred to the CRM of CSS thanks to modern S2T technology. In this manner, CSS employees can prepare themselves in advance for customer calls, which greatly enhances service quality. 


Facts and Figures

  • 4000

    return calls / month

  • 2700

    unburdened employees

  • 1.7 mio.

    satisfied customers


Features that give CSS real added value

Efficiency: With intelligent customer dialog automation, traffic during peak times can be reduced and calls moved to less busy hours. 

Customer satisfaction: Long waiting times during peak hours are shortened by the implemented return-call system. Customers are more satisfied and service is optimized. 

Service quality: Thanks to S2T technology, CSS agents can prepare themselves in advance for customer dialog. This greatly improves the quality of the provided customer service.


This is our client

The CSS Group was founded in 1899 and has its headquarters in Lucerne. The CSS Group insures more than 1,75 million people and is one of Switzerland's leading health and property insurers with a volume of premiums of approximately 6.7 billion Swiss francs.  

It is the market leader in basic insurance. With 98 agencies and around 2700 employees, the CSS Group is close to its customers throughout Switzerland.