Innovation Initiatives

The AdNovum Incubator is actively working on a variety of innovation initiatives with clients and academic partners. At the moment, our focus is on the following initiatives:

Speech Recognition for Dialects

The creation an automatic speech recognition service involves the collection and annotation of many hours of audio data. This can be complicated by including dialects such as Swiss-German for which little public data is available.


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  • Collaborative Machine Learning

    Collaborative Machine Learning comes into play when companies do not have enough own training data to achieve the desired accuracy of an ML model. It enables to collaboratively train models across multiple data sources, without ever disclosing them.


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  • Gamification

    One of the challenges when exploring new technologies is to make the possible use cases and impacts understandable and tangible for clients. Through gamification it is possible to transfer knowledge in a fun and efficient way.


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    Stéphane Mingot Head of AdNovum Incubator

    Hartmut Keil Expert Software Engineer, AdNovum Incubator