Security and key elements in a good Software Solution

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The rise of digitalisation has significantly improved the way we live our lives, from enabling more efficient business processes to empowering greater convenience. Though digitalisation brings with it many benefits, it also increases the risk of cybersecurity threats. This can be especially to today’s businesses with an abundance of confidential asset data and sensitive employee information is stored. A good cybersecurity software solution is key in mitigating and preventing such cyber-attacks. Every business should understand what a good cybersecurity software solution entails. Here are some quality attributes you should look out for in a software solution, before engaging the products and services of an IT security service provider.

Good User Experience

Often, the success and usability of a software solution is determined by the user experience (UX) rather than the features offered. User experience refers to how easy and intuitive it is to use the software solution. Navigation, interface and a seamless flow of the software development and design all contributes to the user experience. Unless software solutions are easy to navigate, users will not be able to use some of its features. The time and effort required to learn how to utilise a new software solution should be minimal. Therefore, you can maintain your customers’ loyalty by providing positive experience on your products during customer journeys.

We understand the importance of good UX, with the thorough examination on your current designs, we can customize intuitive and engaging experiences for further improving your applications’ accessibility and convenience, both as a standalone service or fully embedded in a software development process. By approaching UX in a holistic manner, where our designers advocate for users, developers architect solutions and testers inspect outcomes, we can better accelerate and propel your digital business.

Compatibility with Existing and New Systems

A software's flexibility is determined by how easily functions can be added, modified, or removed without affecting current business operations. When it comes to software development, change is inevitable. It requires constant adjustments according to future technological advancements. Therefore, a software solution’s compatibility with systems is highly necessary. A good software solution remains adaptable to changing environments and requirements.

At Adnovum, we offer our customers a full set of tailored IT services ranging from IT architecture and security consulting to the design, implement­ation and maintenance of customized business and security solutions. We leverage continuous testing and automated release management to ensure that systems can be built and delivered efficiently. We constantly evaluate operational requirements, scalability, performance, testability and non-functional requirements.

Security-by-design approach

The best security practices need to be engaged with secure-by-design approach while building any software solution. Despite a software solution possessing all the features and functionalities required, it still decreases in usability without good security integrated. To keep up with the advancement of cyberattacks, software solutions should be updated regularly even if security was prioritised during development. A regular testing of your software can save you money in the long run and ensure your brand's integrity and reputation are not undermined by data breaches.

Security should never be an optional feature or afterthought. Only our secure by design solutions will stand the test of time and prevent security patch issues. This solution can be combined with our IAM/ CIAM expertise. Brief to provide 360° security for your business.

Additionally, if your organisation is looking at blockchain for the initiatives for your structure innovation, our Blockchain for Business solution is excellently suited for handling cross-company business processes and develops its potential far beyond cryptocurrencies. It facilitates the efficient creation and operation of blockchain-based business ecosystems, enabling trusted and seamless business interactions across different industries, markets and companies.

With a better understanding of some of the elements that contribute to a good software solution, you can now make a more well-informed decision when it comes to choosing a software solution that best suits your company. While software developers are becoming more knowledgeable in software solution design, it ultimately depends on the quality of resources used to provide an exceptional software solution. With over 30 years of experience in building solutions across industries from the government to finance sector, we can help you to deliver secure and customized software solutions for your digitalization of business processes, and our solutions designed to suit with your business needs is one of our core competencies.

Adnovum is a leading IT security service provider, offering reliable IT security solutions, software and services for every company in Singapore. Committed in delivering solutions for both budding and long-time businesses, it’s time to take your IT and software solutions to the next level. Contact us today for more information.

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