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Tailor-made software or how to shape the digital twin of your USP

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In order to master the transformation process in a constantly challenging and changing world, your software needs to leverage your competences. Here’s how to start your journey.

How much of your IT budget is currently spent on maintaining legacy? How many of your staff are kept busy dealing with monolithic business solutions, i.e. standard solutions that reflect «best practices», thoughts and ideas of your supplier rather than your own business and strategic needs?

Imagine what could become possible if you invest your IT budget in your own smart, perfectly tailored, business-enabling or even business-changing software that truly reflects and empowers your business model. You would convert your IT efforts into a real strategic asset, increase your ROI and streamline your bottom line – because your software reflects your individual thoughts and strategies instead of the function set and use cases elaborated in the lab of a provider.

Create business value in line with your strategy and your roadmap, smart software solutions with the needed individual touch make the difference in the various ecosystems created and affected by the digital transformation. Set the pace yourself instead of relying on product roadmaps, product design, and announcements of suppliers. Here’s how to get in the driver’s seat:

  •  Aim for a holistic solution where your most critical software maps your company DNA, your customers’ expectations, and your market offering – independently of any third-party restrictions.
  •  Achieve the full flexibility to precisely align your software with your business model, your processes, your staff, and your organization in a fast-developing ecosystem.
  • Benefit from a huge community of experts, engineers and professionals in an open world instead of being limited by the capabilities of a single product vendor. 

Being in the driver’s seat allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and highlight your USP. In addition, it paves the way for your move to cloud technologies, blockchain solutions, open API ecosystems and end-to-end delivery- and service-channels at your own pace. You will be able to embed your individual plans and market messages in state-of-the-art security frames and approaches.

The shift from a cost-driven 3rd-party-dependent to a self-managed IT solution landscape is possible without any pain and disruptions. Team up with a top-notch engineering company! 

Given our long-term track record and our huge community of software engineers who are familiar with your needs and issues, Adnovum is your partner for ramping up and supporting your transformation towards your own software factory. Based on proven technology and your customized solutions, your business experts and our software engineers will integrate commodity packages in an agile approach. The «digital twin» of your USP will enable you to anticipate market needs and be relevant in your customers’ world.

Does your digital banking offer reflect your USP as clearly as possible?

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Published March 2, 2022

Written by

Picture of Kornel Wassmer
Kornel Wassmer

Managing Director Banking