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Get to know our product portfolio based on SB4B. They shorten the time-to-market significantly by solving certain recurring aspects once and for all – and in a sustainable way. 


Optimize Time-to-Market with Our Established Products

To facilitate participation in the cardossier network, we created a range of products that can be licensed or employed as a service. The products are constantly improved and extended and have proven their worth and maturity in productive use. 


«Thanks to Adnovum's expertise and seamless integration of the Viacar backend with the cardossier DLT, we have achieved a remarkable milestone in our digitalization journey. Their outstanding work has enabled us to optimize data management and enhance the efficiency of our operations.»

Sandro Fanti

President cardossier, Strassenverkehrsamt Kt. AG

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Cardossier node

The node is the main component of the cardossier platform. Each participant in the cardossier network is represented by such a node. It serves as the secure communication layer below various kinds of distributed applications (dApps). The dApps implement cross-organizational business use cases. The node exposes several interfaces both for business and operational purposes. 

eVIV connector

The eVIV connector is an integration component that serves as a bridge between the cardossier node and backend systems. This application handles common concerns once and for all and can simplify and speed up the cardossier integration in different contexts of eVIV participants, such as road authorities, insurances, and garages. 

eVIV portal

A white-label, lightweight user interface that brings a simplified car registration process to the browser. By filling in a simple form, users can effortlessly navigate through the necessary steps to immediately obtain a temporary road permit for their new car. Under the hood, the communication with the insurance and the road authority is handled automatically by cardossier. 


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Back in the day, SB4B stood for Secure Blockchain for Business, but according to ChatGPT, it could also mean...

Sustainable Business Fourfold Benefits

Secure Business Foreseeable Breakthroughs

Serious Business Foremost in the Business

Strategic Business Four-Year Blueprint

Stellar Business Four-Best Bottom-line

Solid Business Four-Ever Bankable

Superior Business Four-Frontline Business

Stable Business Four-Quarter Balance

Successful Business Four-Point Boost

Supportive Business Four-Empowering Benefits


«Finally, arrows between services ^^.»

Márk Győző Budai

Senior Software Engineer, Adnovum